Song of the Mysteries - Spoiler Etiquette

As people begin to receive their copies of Song of the Mysteries this month, we will start to see new threads about the book appearing here on the forum. Please be mindful of fans who may not have finished the book yet as you create or respond to threads. Remember that everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a “spoiler”. Some people think it covers specific things that happen in the plot while others may consider even the back-cover blurb to be a spoiler.

Thread Titles: Feel free to create new threads to discuss aspects of Song of the Mysteries (if a similarly-themed one doesn’t already exist, of course). Please keep thread titles sufficiently vague (for example, “Chapter XIV - Scene with Asandir and Luhaine” rather than “What did you think when Luhaine turned Asandir into a newt?

Thread Replies: Within a thread, remember that there is a spoiler tag available to cover up truly volatile information. Please use this tag liberally.

For example:
[spoiler]Arithon is a sorcerer.[/spoiler]

The spoiler will appear in your post covered in a rectangle, which people can click to reveal the spoiler if they want:

Arithon is a sorcerer.

The forum mods may step in to adjust titles or add spoiler tags to err on the side of consideration. However, readers who have not finished the book yet might want to assume that any thread tagged with the “11-SongOfTheMysteries” tag might have spoilers inside unless the thread title explicitly says otherwise.

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