Song of the Mysteries - Speculation (has Destiny's Conflict spoilers)

originally posted by Annette

And still Lysaer is not free of that curse it seems. Janny could probably skip a few convalescent years, save all that swearing Arithon is going to be doing, for probably a while.

originally posted by Dan

At least Lysaer seems to have come to some sort of realisation and acceptance of remorse for his needs, the start of the emotional healing process. I thought as I read those last scenes for the first time since Curse I could actually see him being able to meet Arithon face to face. Once Arithon has recovered and if he doesn't go into total shut down over his various betrayals, I wonder whether the Biedar knife will be able to free Lysaer from the curse fully.

And what are the implications for Elaira of her quartz crystal being cleared? Once she finds out (if she doesn't already know) will she ask help to free her of her Koriani oath?

Song of the Mysteries is going to be very busy tying up the various strands.

originally posted by Auna

I had the same thoughts Dan. Though Lysaer began knowing about the curse before this book. I still think Arithon will sing him whole, but we'll see.

I'm at a loss for where the knife gets used now. I thought it would be a good stabbing at Morriel but that got awesomely handled without it. Used to slice through wards… dang, I have that in my book I just pub'd. I swear I didn't copy that idea!

There's no reason for Elaira to remain in the Koriani now that her crystal is wiped. Was anyone else bummed about that? I was expecting her crystal to do something heroic, I guess. *sniffles*

Notice how Arithon got to SEE Traith pre-injury? Oh, yah, that's gonna be awesome to restore him next book.

originally posted by Dan

If Traithe's carved out faculties are mired up with Desh Thiere in Rockfell, I'd imagine it would take the final defeat of the Mistwraithe before we'd see Traithe restored, but that was a special scene where Arithon got to see Traithe in full, not to mention all the others.

The Biedar Knife still has a part to play, maybe many, I'm pretty sure. In Arithon's hand many wards might be broken…

I still think it will take Arithon to heal Lysaer (with Daliana by his side), how that happens, whether music, the knife or some other means I don't know. But I can't see him being able to rid himself of the curse by himself, he doesn't have the faculties.

originally posted by Annette

But the Biedar knife has already been used on Lysaer, did not free him of the curse. I still think Arithon is to use the knife on himself, and maybe a long line of offspring.

All the hints point to Arithon saving Lysaer. According to the Biedar Eldest Arithon was the key to redeeming Lysaer and no one else killing Arithon would save Lysaer. Once Lysaer is free of the curse, his justice will run true again, Daliana had some thoughts on the consequences of that, and also on what would be worse for Lysaer, if he had killed Arithon himself. Back in CotM, when Lysaer's hands were burned, was likely another clue. Arithon has to save Lysaer, from himself, his own justice? Freeing him of the curse is not going to be enough to save Lysaer no matter which method Arithon uses, music or crossing the wheel. Davien mentioned in Stormed Fortress they could not yet free Lysaer, so they are intending on doing it.

Dakar seemed to think there would be a plan in place after Arithon died, although Elaira was having none of it.

Song of the Mysteries would be a fitting place for Athera's Masterbard to be achieving a miracle or two.

originally posted by Annette

So what do we think is kept on the 5th floor of Althain tower? Had Asandir worried when he heard Sethvir singing a dirge there, he planted himself against that door, just to be sure nothing happened.

originally posted by Dan

Now that was probably one of the biggest mysteries of DC. Janny has always been cagey as to the some of the other floors of Althain Tower. I seem to remember when someone asked what was the tower layout she deliberately skipped over the 5th.

Clearly it's something either really powerful or really significant which seems strange that it's kept at Althain, usually the Seven have kept things that powerful warded somewhere else. But I'd assume it must be something that has been accepted by Shehane Althain's spirit as tower guardian, and it was made even cleared in this book that how you act in Althain is proscribed and guaranteed by Shehane… But whatever it is it clearly had Asandir worried, and Sethvir didn't randomly choose to sit outside on the 5th. I wonder whether it may have something to do with the Seven's history.

originally posted by Auna

Maybe the knife could remove the resonant blood line binding? I don't like the idea that offspring have no choice, no free will with getting that. And in a case like Arithon's it's really nasty. Or maybe that goes away when the Fellowship gets to leave. It might also be the only way to save Lysaer since his justice thing is going to put the blame all on himself for every death. I think Arithon can sing him to forgiveness. I know a Paravian could have if he'd asked for it, but he's outside the compact now, so I think it has to be Arithon or bust.

The 5th floor is soooo typical Janny. But it was pretty much implied that the sisterhood would in likelihood dig up the Fellowship's history. So I don't think that's what's behind the door. Unless it's the weapon they will use to remove humanity. That has never really been discussed (for good reason).

originally posted by Julie

I had many of these same thoughts- I imagine time will be skipped so both Lysaer and Arithon heal. Amongst my many questions: Arithon did not really die- he was resuscitated by Elaira and Kharadmon. Why did Lysaer think Arithon passed the wheel? That scene seemed to last quite a while (as long as the resuscitation? Did the Sorcerer's ward prevent Lysaer from sensing Arithon?.) Will the curse resurge? Arithon has been literally on death's door before and we did not hear about the effect on Lysaer before.

originally posted by Annette

A sword through the heart, a mangled spine and almost drained of blood, I would say Arithon died. His spirit stayed intact and never seemed to go far, but he still died. Those priests seem to have told Lysaer Arithon was dead, and not being under influence of the curse at that time, Lysaer took his anger out on them and tossed them out. Lysaer does not want Arithon dead, the curse does.

When Arithon's spirit was contained in Alithiel, Lysaer was more himself, pressure was off him. When Arithon used Alithiel at Alestron, Lysaer still felt the curse, but he could be more himself. Nerve wracked, guilt ridden, anguished, but he had more freedom from the effects of the curse, it could no longer blind him. When Arithon was in Kewar, and while he was imprisoned by the Koriani the curse seems to have been dormant. Arithon was not really dead that long at Etarra, and they way his spirit was returned, inflamed the curse. So a bit hard to tell if Arithon dying affected Lysaer or not. But it would seem Arithon does have to cross the wheel in order to free Lysaer rom the curse, his body would have to be burned to prevent him returning, and his spirit would have to cross. We have seen that spirits can cross back, we have only seen one free spirit reincarnated as themselves though, Davien. Although there was that thing with Cianor Sunlord/Moonlord, which Janny has yet to fully explain. And what happened to Asandir's horse.

Or Arithon might find a way to free Lysaer another far less painful way. Have to wait and see. But the warnings Lysaer has received seem to show they will do it the hard way.

originally posted by Julie

Normally I would agree about that kind of massive trauma ending one's life. But, Asandir did tell Elaira that Davien's longevity spell was in effect and her efforts combined with a sorcerer's would start the healing process.

I never thought Lysaer wanted Arithon to die- it was clearly always the curse. In those rare moments of clarity, Lysaer did not use hateful language when speaking of Arithon. I interpreted that ending scene as Lysaer being so distraught that Arithon died for multiple reasons not the least for a lost relationship. He kept saying "half brother".

originally posted by Roisin

Elaira is Fferedon 'Li - bringer of light. Light to where - to Arithon? To the land? She's done the graft, her abilities are sharp. Will they work in tandem like they did in Merior, but with the land, excising the various threats?
What would that end up looking like: the records of the 7th age sages only record Arithon as the Master of Darkness, and the records of the religion of light remains.
So will A&E * leave, in the end, perhaps retire with Ciladis to the Island preserve of the Paravians, and what was with that plant blooming on Kaithtairr - a new home - go there? With they even, lose their lives to heal the land? Will a healed/exorcised Lysaer take on the job of managing humanity to the end of his days, a just cause in the name of his half-brother's sacrifice? Will the people who survive the upstepped vibration integrate with the clans and live in harmony with the land?
And yes - all the other things - the Biedar's role - what is it? Will they reclaim the Koriani, integrate with the male talent and forge something akin to Ath's brotherhood - or be absorbed by them, or fill in as they leave to live with Paravians? Lirenda seems set not to be able to survive Paravian Grace or the Source - given her crushed spirit - that's sad. I remember Asandir saying about Dakar - that it would take a 1000 years, but that he'd acquire the stability of diamond… will he inherit something from the 7, be able to guard humanity given his seer's talent?

An advent calendar of puzzles now resolving - and yet - is does seem to be about humans evolving. It would seem the over-arcing message that some humans are inherently better than others - for example 'clay in her nature' that Feylind 'realises' when she's standing next to Arithon as he engages in mage-work. I can see the allegory of how the polarities of existence are constantly in a dance of balance and that each cycle requires us to evolve - that we create our own traps and then are forced to use ingenuity to surmount them, and that those who don't, fall by the wayside… utilitarian-Darwinian elements woven with the esoteric/quantum strands. Source seems to be a frequency/energy that has a 'reset' or 'restorative' quality - which is earned by surmounting challenges, rather than being intervened with by a Deity, and then a Paravian or someone anointed can channel. Because of the Newtonian element - it's shadow - false religion or corrupted, vampire-like practices that bloom in areas that are not frequently kept at a high vibration - the Paravians evolved from the destruction of the Drakes… what will evolve from the destruction of humans?

Whatever it may be - I think those of us who've been on this 20+ year journey with JW… need some resolution! By Dharkaron's bollux. (Are we going to see Dharkaron behind all this in the end - behind the madness…?)

(*A&E - Accident & Emergency… doing triage on Athera before its existence is swallowed by the True Sect, various critters, wraithes and then the compact directive… XD )

originally posted by Annette

Biedar not with Ath's adepts will probably leave Athera, once their prophecy is fulfilled. The Fellowship, and maybe some dragons could also leave. Once freed of the compact some of the Fellowship of 7, might want to restore something they lost a long time ago. Although Davien might stay close by restore something on a gate world.

I think Arithon and Elaira will stay on Athera, help heal Athera and watch over humanity's development, keep the mysteries alive and flourishing.

Tarens has shown, no matter how talentless your beginnings or how much 'clay' in their nature, every one has the potential to have talent. But it might be best if the townborn take a slightly slower path than Tarens.

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

I look forward to SIX sorcerers, rather than five, collaborating from Althain Tower. Ciladis already knew what Traithe looked like after surviving the Mistwraith attack; I imagine Traithe is going to look long and hard at Ciladis. Shoot, wait until Asandir gets a look at him.

Then we have the Laurel and Hardy act of the Fellowship, Kharadmon and Luhaine. One of them now replacing Davien with Seshkrozchiel. Davien will take it seriously that Arithon set Ciladis free.

That's even without the question of the "old races" of Paravians.
Ciladis is going to be essential in the confrontation between present-day Paravia / Athera and those Paravians who have been behind powerful wardings for centuries.
OOH, this is going to be complicated.

originally posted by Annette

There will only probably be 5 sorcerers collaborating, Luhaine is out of the picture while Seshkrozchiel sleeps. And Davien is not likely to change his stance till Arithon does what ever he is expected to do, prove Davien right most likely.

The only confrontation Ciladis is likely to be involved in is the one between Arithon and Asandir.

Ciladis will stay someplace well shielded during mankind's bloody conflicts. And the Paravians will not return till the conflict and the Mistwraith are dealt with. The Paravians are even more endangered now they are no longer hidden, they will not get involved with mankind's conflicts.

originally posted by Julie

Why should the Paravians be more endangered now? Their location is known by those who give their lives to protect that secret. The wardings around the island are still as strong.
We have another 200 years to reach the end of Lysaer and Arithon's life span. My assumption is that peace will arrive before as Lysaer will survive his needed encounter with the Paravians to help with that outcome. Both princes are needed for resolution with the Mistwraith.

originally posted by Roisin

… more endangered now… because it ain't over 'til the Masterbard's apprentice sings…

Sethvir theorised that bits of Traithe were trapped with the wraiths in Rockfell - so IF the brothers finish the work, then Traithe might be restored…?

And why does the seeress keep staring into the Sun, what is she looking out for?

originally posted by Walt

I'm intrigued by how… or IF… the curse reacts once Arithon was stabilized and his spirit once more firmly anchored in re-established flesh. Lysaer felt and knew when his brother was killed - however he does recognize the prospect that the Five Centuries fountain may allow him to "redouble the toll of mass slaughter" if Arithon were to recover from seeming death.

Could the be a blunting of the curse's directive with the clinical death/restoration of Arithon, or will the coils of the curse be just as binding?

And now I need to go back and track down that little bit of Asandir running a quick errand over to Kathair and look for any additional clues…

originally posted by Annette

I re-read the book twice trying to work out if I missed something about Kathtairr, could find nothing.

Perhaps Cathukodarr had a reason to sear the place lifeless? Did the dragons create hate wraith's, Methuri over there, or something else nasty that is maybe returning now? Apart from it was in a gellid pool there was no hint as to the identity of the ill-spawned anomaly Asandir went there to dispatch.

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

Oh, those nasty little ole DRAKES.
I think if one dragon is up to something,
all of them are.

So I suggest, look through the book
at every exchange/connection
between a sorcerer and a dragon.
So, besides Asandir and Cathukodarr
(this must be the King Drake Eckracken's sweetie?) ,
there is:

Sethvir, who is concerned about
a "sinkhole through time," remember that?
And he goes trundling off to the grimward
at Radmoore to make contact
with the shade of Haspastion,
the dear departed sweetie of Seshkrozchiel.

Connected? Why not?