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Sorry for the silence around here - it's been an intense few months. Don's away to Texas 3 weeks a month to work on another animated film - so either I'm handling everything, or else, I'm out there to see what his life is like. He's home 10 days every month, and we have a lot to catch up on then.

I am plugging away on Stormed Fortress, albiet with many interruptions from Life. The latest one is a good one, though - I will shortly be embarking on another Athera story, with a possibility of an anthology appearance in the wind.

It took several days of deep mulling over to formuate just which of many possible ideas I might develop - I think I have the direction tagged, now, and will be starting work shortly.

The next short story appearance will be out almost momentarily - in Julie Czerneda's Fantastic Companions anthology - got one in there called Last of Her Kind.

So you short story buffs should have something fun to look forward to.

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Woohoo, that's exciting news! Momentarily is good; I like momentarily.

"Last of Her Kind" is the name of your short story, Janny? Makes me think of The Last Unicorn, but I don't think there's just one female unicorn left, wherever the Paravians are hiding. Maybe she could be the last one that disappeared from Athera. No, must get unicorns out of my head.

Maybe it's the last honest Koriathain Prime… Or one of the last ruling Queens. Have there been High Queens in the five kingdoms? Come to think on it, I can't remember any. Huh.

Well anyhow, I'm sure it will be a very satisfying pre-SF fix.


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"Last of Her Kind" isn't a WoLaS story.


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Oh, right. Rereading is good. It's kind of a relief, because I could not think of a plausible WoLaS tie-in.

Still, another Atheran short story any time down the road is a good one, an anthology possibility is very exciting!

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FYI, I just checked to see if Fantastic Companions was listed. It is not. However, it can be purchased through (Canada). Be prepared for a wee bit of sticker shock on the shipping though. :smiley:


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Well, not much of a short story buff myself but I'll take anything I can get from you Janny :slight_smile:

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I seem to recall that FC is coming out a few months later in the US, so that may be why it's not listed yet.

I also think they are looking at having an event/launch of some sort here in Toronto at Bakka Phoenix books. (Local SF/F store)

If people want copies of the book, I can get them through Bakka and ship them to you at the true cost to me.

*If* there is an event, I'd get the books signed by any attending authors before shipping.

Sandtiger ::Always glad to make it easier for people to get books::

originally posted by Sandtiger

And just as clarification - the only savings here would be on the shipping. I'd ask you to pay for the cost of the book and whatever it costs me to ship the book to you.

:smiley: You can also order direct from Bakka ( Great folks.

And ::laugh:: No - I didn't think to mention they take orders because I've never actually ordered from them - I always go in!

I also figured if there was no event, I could get the local authors to sign the book anyways.


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I just placed a reservation for a book at Bakka Phoenix books (see book nook for details). They are wonderful people and are quite willing to do what Circle Books does for Janny… reserve books to be signed by authors who are coming in to autograph books.


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Would it be possible to get a list of known titles for the short stories set in Athera?


Child of Prophecy (published in Bill Fawcett's anthology, Fantasy Masters (or is it Masters of Fantasy? I always mix it up…)now available in paperback and hardbound/Baen Books)

The Sundering Star (forthcoming in Under Cover of Darkness, edited by Julie Czerneda and Jana Paniccia/DAW Books)

Reins of Destiny (to be Announced)

originally posted by Al

Thanks for the prompt reply. One more quick question…
Will The Sundering Star and Reins of Destiny also be "prequels" or will they take place during one of the major arcs?

They are both prequels, but will reveal threads that connect, foreshadow more, and open wider understanding - even "preview" some of the depths you will see in this arc. So definitively, they connect!

Well, while you are all out there grabbing Under Cover of Darkness to see what Atheran surprise is in store for you -

I will be here brain burning a new Athera story…several ideas on the bubble, one on the Near Boil - but - if you have a wish list of what you'd LIKE to know about this world, this is the moment to yell - while things are crystallizing -

You never know what might turn up.

(back to the paint pot meantime)

originally posted by Frank T Davis

Appreciate very much if someone out there would do a brief summary of the other Athera and/or "The Wars of Light and Shadow" related stories that are cureently available. Include a description of the type of publication, e.g. a volume of short stories or a stand alone short story, etc. and the recommended place to purchase each. I just have this feeling based on the many comments that I am missing out by reading only Janny's novels.
Thanks a whole bunch,

originally posted by Trys


The easiest way to see what has been published of Janny's short stories is to visit the Bulletins: Releases page where you will find pages for Current Releases, releases out in the last several years and a page for Upcoming releases. That said:

"Sundering Star" (Atheran related) appears in Under Cover of Darkness - Edited by Julie E. Czerneda and Jana Paniccia

"Finder's Keeper" appears in Fantasy Gone Wrong - edited by Brittiany Koren.

"Moebius Strip" appears in Elemental The Tsunami Relief Anthology: Stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy - Edited by Steven Savile,

"Child of Prophecy" (Atheran related) appears in Masters of Fantasy - edited by Bill Fawcett.

"Blood, Oak, and Iron" appears in Flights: Extreme Visions of Fantasy - Edited by Al Sarrantonio.

"Watchfire" also appears in this book and was coauthored by Janny and Ray Feist.

"Last of Her Kind" appears in Fantastic Companions - Edited by Julie E. Czerneda

I've listed all of the recent short stories as I highly (HIGHLY, mind you) recommend that you track down the others as the other stories, are excellent and well worth the read. In other words, imo, you'd be missing out on by not reading these stories as well. :smiley:

There's also this page that lists all of her short stories over the years:


originally posted by HJ

I'd love to know more about the circumstances surrounding Kamridian s'Ffalenn's demise in Kewar. Or Ciladis in the wake of the Paravian's disappearance. Or the story of the blind lady in Jaelot. But I'm especially keen on Kamridian's story.

There will be yet another Atheran story called Reins of Destiny, probably for release this December in a fantasy anthology – I've signed contract for it, just waiting for the final details on what to post here.

YES - if you read the related stories it will give you a window into what you are seeing in the novels. Each one fleshes out a facet (and sometimes even, previews) a major unfoldment that the story will cover - but if you have access to the short material, you will see it coming in the main novels in FAR MORE detail than you would if you looked at the novels, alone. Definitely TK and Stormed Fortress will have more meaning, with the short material under your belt.

I am not making it impossible to see these issues from the main story alone - but when the main story covers these points, there will not be NEARLY the insight and detail, as the focus of the novel can't shift sideways to accommodate.

You will always gain from the short material - as the focus in those bits is spotlighting certain areas, and all of the material directly connects.

I am making the effort to compile more material like this as it adds immeasurably to the universe…often when people ask, or guess, they are so far short of the Actual - that it's fun as heck to provide the real unfoldment of what DID happen…so - yes, the short stories do that.

Two available now, one pending (probably in December) and - one about to be written…

originally posted by Frank T Davis

Thank you very much for the info and the insight. You've done much of the work for which I am grateful. As you suggest, it shall be done. I'm running out of books on hand to read while I await SF and the short stories of Janny and the other renowned authors should fit the bill nicely.

originally posted by Hunter

I would like to read about the circumstances around the death of Marin Eliathe and the fall of the Justice Tower @ Ithamon.