AUDIBLE EDITION - AUDIO BOOK - coming soon/presale link is up

Announcing the forthcoming audio book, unabridged Master of Whitestorm from Audible - to release on May 27th 2014.

The presale page is up, now, and I'm told that pre-orders are live, with the book being downloaded to your account on May 27.

Narrator is To Be Announced - but let's just say what can be said (until Audible makes the public announcement) I am WILDLY ECSTATIC!!! This is going to be a Phenominal production. ?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1395687938&sr=1-2&keywords=Master+of+Whitestorm

If you love audio books, by all means, please DO support the pre-order page, IT MATTERS.

originally posted by Ypso

That's wonderful news!

I just checked Audible's German website to pre-order the title; however, neither 'Master of Whitestorm' nor 'Sorcerer's Legacy' are listed there yet (same for the French website). So, I sent them an email, asking about both of the books, and hope they will put them in the shop soon.

Also, there went something wrong with the description of 'Master of Whitestorm' on and, because it is about WoLaS! I just sent them a short notice, so it should be fixed soon. That being said, I really can not get that grin out of my face after seeing Arithon and Lysaer mentioned there. Please, let it be some kind of good omen!

Lord, that is a HORRIFIC mess - describing the book totally wrong…I will inform the e book publisher, too. What a nuisance!

Ypso - might you provide me links?

I just checked the Amazon site for Kindle and several of the 'used book' listings and the description seems correct…can't get fixed what I can't find. A link would help a lot.

originally posted by Ypso

Of course: YU/ref=a_search_c4_1_4_srTtl?qid=1395766277&sr=1-4 O6IM/ref=a_search_c4_1_4_srTtl?qid=1395711351&sr=1-4

A few hours ago I got an email from a member of She was very sorry for the inconvenience caused, so I assume she forwarded it to whoever is in charge of writing these description texts. I guess things work a bit slow in such big companies as the wrong text is still place.

originally posted by Annette

I will not mind if that is fate stepping in and giving them the hint they should have the WoLaS series added to their audible collection.

Would take a while to record though.

I gave them the hint in case they missed it, but probably did it the wrong way. The Americans I think do the audible books, but I sent my request along with the link to the hint to the UK guys.

Bound to get there in the end. I suspect the same person would end up with both requests for an audible WoLaS series, so only chose one to ask. I used to buy my books from the UK site, I suspect now I have been forced to move to the au site, but I checked and they have no news on there for Master of Whitestorm, right or wrong. Typical we get everything last, anybody would think they needed to do a separate translation for an Australian release of anything.

Ypso - thank you profoundly for the links. The audio publisher has responded, and fast, and you should see a correction up within 24 hours.

Eyes like yours are a godsend!

Annette - Audible has a London office, too. They did Cycle of Fire and are doing Empire series. Audible USA is doing Whitestorm and another of my standalones.

I don't think it matters which you write to, or both!

originally posted by Annette

Well nice to know they both like you. When I first asked about the possibility of audible versions of WoLaS they directed me to the American office. Unfortunately I am real fussy with audio books and not a real buyer of them, but will probably buy Sorcerer's Legacy. /ref=a_search_c4_1_5_srTtl?qid=1395874866&sr=1-5 qid=1395873380&sr=1-4&keywords=sorcerer%27s+legacy

Nothing wrong with that summary, just waiting to see that nice new cover art. :smiley:

Funny, my agent was referred to the London office. Very odd.

originally posted by Annette

Well the UK office is very quick to reply these days, my request was put through this time. :smiley:

They will be running out of your books to record soon if they do not tackle the big ones.

originally posted by Ypso

WoLaS audiobooks would be much appreciated, indeed. And given that more and more of Janny's books are turned into audiobooks I have growing faith that we will get them eventually.

What titles a branch of Audible has on offer is, as I was informed, a matter of rights as each one is an independent company. So, if, for example, Audible Germany should decide that they want to sell any of the mentioned British or US-American productions they will have to inquire about the rights first.

Janny, my pleasure. has the correct description up now, not yet.

Yell of Glee!!! I see they have announced the narrator for Sorcerer's Legacy - CHECK OUT HER VOICE SAMPLE - Emily Gray is AWESOME!!! (and my first choice for this title). :smiley:

Master of Whitestorm will have a male narrator, last I saw, the page said To Be Announced…let me know when you spot the reveal, there. (I am hopping crazy excited, I almost can't contain myself)

Daughter of the Empire is being recorded by Tania Roduigues, who is also FANTASTIC!!!

So, Yes, Annette, they will be running out of books, soon - could wish very much to see Hell's Chasm and the Light and Shadows get an offer in this format, too. I appreciate your taking time to write with your suggestion.

originally posted by Annette

Is there any contractual reasons they would not do Hell's Chasm? Because having snapped up the early ones I would expect they would not be far behind with that one. If they have not announced it by Christmas I will send in a request for that one as well.

I have not listened to Tania, but being interested in Sorcerer's Legacy I did go and listen to a sample of Emily Gray's narration, I was happy with her voice. I think the size of the WoLaS books might count against them, but am still hoping they will do them one day.

originally posted by Trys

The listing has also been corrected. doesn't have the audible book listed… that I could find.

originally posted by Annette

Man of mystery looks much better, although I can dream of listening to a version about those two magical princes, which are still mentioned on the UK site.

If you check a bit further up Trys, Ypso provided the UK link. O6IM/ref=a_search_c4_1_4_srTtl?qid=1395711351&sr=1-4


The narrator is now announced for Master of Whitestorm, and it is the AWESOME!!!


Gorgeous voice, and I am blown away, as he is ALSO my first choice for this book!

Check out the voice sample and be wowed!

originally posted by Annette

Congratulations Janny on getting such talented voice artists for both, Simon Prebble is great. :smiley:

originally posted by Ypso

Agreed, Simon Prebble is a great choice. I listened to his reading of Sherlock Holmes and was quite taken by it. There seems to be something 'classical' to his voice that gives him the impression of a chronicler from a time long past.

Tomorrow (May 27th) is release day!!! I am so excited - this production is going to be FABULOUS!!!

WOW - the links above are now fully live - has anybody listened to the SAMPLE - it is AWESOME. I have to exert a lot of willpower to write today before I just quit the desk and LISTEN!

Simon Prebble is downright awesome!!!