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Want to hear a sample chapter?

Soundcloud link, courtesy of audible, to let you sample the production.

Master of Whitestorm, narrated by Simon Prebble

originally posted by Annette

Thanks for the links Janny, I did enjoy listening to the beginning of the book while working on other things on the PC. Simon Prebble did a great job.

Since I am tied to the PC at the moment I might buy the book just for something to listen to. Still patiently waiting to hear WoLaS will make onto the audible list.

originally posted by Annette

There was a deal for getting the audible version of Master of Whitestorm for only 3.47(US) if you had brought the kindle version.

So I brought both.

originally posted by Ypso

I was very pleased to discover yesterday that the German Audible branch has added both 'Master of Whitestorm' and 'Sorcerer's Legacy' to its webshop. Having a soft spot for redheads I picked Korendir over Elienne for this month's audiobook, though the lady will follow next time.

While I have listened only to the audio sample so far, meaning that I have not formed a proper opinion on Prebble yet, I nonetheless find it interesting how well his voice seems to fit the story. In retrospect the same can be said of the 'Cycle of Fire' and Thorpe, whose voice has, by comparison, a somewhat youthful and idealistic or hopeful touch. I was not aware of this when I listened to 'Cycle of Fire' for the first time but thanks to the stark contrast between the voice of Thorpe and Prebble it dawned on me, albeit belatedly, that there is a precise reason why they were chosen as narrators. Probably should have guessed as much right from the start but, yeah, sometimes I am a bit slow.

The very best narrators can alter they styles to suit the story - and Prebble is a total master!

If you visited Emily Gray's website, there is a 'voice sample' that shows a range that will astonish you! I am thrilled because she used the PRECISE style for Sorcerer's Legacy that I'd hoped for.

Both of these narrators were my first pick for these titles, and given their stellar and prize winning reputations, I am beyond lucky to have them!

The samples say it all…! And if these books do well, of course, it opens up other possibilities for more…fingers very crossed on that score! So thanks to those who are supporting this release IT MATTERS - how the books do straight away will deeply affect how much promotion they get!!! which of course will add up to more readers discovering them.

Thanks to the Gryphon, we now have the sample links available under EXCERPTS here, as a downloadable MP3 file - so you can listen on your device on a commute or take it to the gym - each one runs about 30 minutes!

originally posted by Mark Timmony

Doing my 're-read' on audio. Loving it! I've forgotten so many details about the actual story it's like I am 'reading' it for the first time :smiley:

Mark!!! I could hug you! FEEDBACK!

If you love it PLEASE review the audio edition; that would really help a lot!