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Discuss the Wars of Light and Shadows series, including 11 full-length volumes and 6 satellite stories.

The first 10 volumes are available in print and e-book format. Destiny’s Conflict is also available in audio format. The final volume, Song of the Mysteries, is forthcoming.

The 6 satellite stories are available in e-book format exclusively through the Studio Shop.

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It has been a long time since I wrote on this forum and it seems that there have been revisions since my original login did not work. I like so many are on the starters blocks awaiting book 11, I purchased Destiny’s Conflict as soon as it was published and I’m about to re-read to make sure my recall is fresh. (I’m now an Octogenarian and it is the books I’ve yet to read that keeps me going so re-reading is important now my memory cells are dissipating.)

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