Wow, magnetic bubbles at the edge of the solar system, how cool is this?

originally posted by Jake

Wow very cool! This could mean a lot perhaps. The philosopher in me would like to point out that perhaps these "bubbles" (which you could theorize are around every star, not just our own) are what make it impossible for intelligent life to communicate from solar system to solar system? Perhaps that is why our universe is so quiet except for background static…just a crackpot theory. :smiley:

Makes one wonder, doesn't it…

originally posted by Jake

I found this earlier today, thought it was of equal wonder: bullets-kristensen/?source=link_fb20110614starshootingwaterbullets

THAT is amazing!

originally posted by Annette

This is an old one I found while looking at the likelihood of iron having anything to do with a sun. The inset X-ray picture shows, a wheel in space, axle and all.