Word games

originally posted by hosanna

Tysan = nasty
Rathain = Riathan

originally posted by Angela Bawden

I really like your story for the Wars of Light and Shadow, but after book three, you started over-using adverbs and adjectives, bogging down the action in too many words. This slows the story to an aggravating pace. In Traitor's Knot you finally got some speed back to your progression of events and I cheered. I LOVE your unique descriptions…but when overused, like sugar, too much is too much. So, yea, please compress a bit when possible, especially when covering "background" material that has already been discussed in previous books, and spend your lovely words on the events that are the pivotal moments. This from a fan who has bought all of the Wars of Light and Shadow books. However, because of the above mentioned items, I only every really read the first three and the latest two. I am looking forward to your next book.

originally posted by Sleo

I have to say I totally disagree with this. Peril's gate is one of my favorites. Janny's prose has a very bardic quality that makes the whole story a work of art, with its own rhythm and pace. It becomes a piece of the whole, almost a skin and heartbeat that I bury myself in as I absorb the incredible pace of the story. Not one word needs to be eliminated.