WOLAS up for vote in Beyond Reality group on Goodreads

originally posted by Clansman

To all, WOLAS is up for a vote on Goodreads as a series read for the Beyond Reality group. It is up against stiff competition: Roger Zelazny' Amber Chronicles (I know Mark a.k.a. GW, a tough choice for you!)

As I post this, the vote is 12 to 11 in favour of WOLAS, but it is early. So go and vote and support this series. Here is the link:

http://www.goodreads.com/poll/show/34938?si=true&utm_medium=email&utm_source=pol l

originally posted by Trys

It's now 16 to 15 in favor of WoLaS. However there is also a new splinter group on Good Reads devoted to Fantasy Series (Fantasy Book Club Series). First series is WoLaS.

originally posted by Clansman

It is now 25 to 25.

A little help from the denizens of Paravia would not only be welcome, but it is needed!

Now 27 to 25 in favor of WOLAS, with polling not closing until June 15.

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Vote early, vote often? I've already voted. So in good conscience I shouldn't register under another name and vote again, should I.

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Nope. That wouldn't be ethical. :smiley:

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I would add that if you do vote, you should participate, otherwise its just ballot box stuffing. Beyond Reality is a great group with some very insightful members who have a lot to say. Nice to see some in-depth discussions of the older books in the series, as around here we stay on the newer stuff. It is great to go back and get fresh insight into books like CotMW and SoM.

So if you have voted, please put in your two cents when the discussions start.

originally posted by Clansman

Aaaargh! It stands at a 30 to 30 tie! Anyone able to assist (on the understanding that you will participate come the discussion of the series)?

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*lurk mode off*

just registered & voted for WOLAS @ Goodreads. :smiley:

32 to 30 for Janny!

*lurk mode re-activated*

vegasunicorn - welcome here!

Hope to get to know you better in the discussion!

As for the discussion - there are plans! Expect some pretty unexpected stuff.

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It would appear that the voting is closed and WoLaS has won. Thanks to all who are going to participate.

The discussion for Ships of Merior (in the Fantasy Book Club) is STARTED today at GoodReads.

The Fantasy Book Club Series group is up and running - all titles have a folder. This will proceed at one book per month.

The slower, in depth take (of 3 chapter sets per week, beginning with Mistwraith) is projected to start in Beyond Reality on JULY 15th.

Join in for the fun! The more active the discussion the better the party.

originally posted by Chirogeoff

Mistraith discussion well and truly on. I wonder how many of you have different tags over there. I'm enjoying reading others' opinions and views. AND Janny replied to MY post. :smiley: The reason I'm prattling on is to encourage you over there.

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I'm Sandra AKA Sleo. Clansman is Clansman. Can't say I recognize anyone else. We're having really good discussions. Hope the interest stays up there as it's going to take some time to finish at the rate they're going.