WoLaS similarities

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Hi Janny

Just a curious note: Could the world from the story Master of Whitestorm be a splinter world of Athera? Just noted that both have an elitist group of magi (the 7 and the circle) that dominate and regulate all magical doings.

The religious structure seems the same (just a change in names), and both have/had dragons or drake-sporn.

The crystal that is responsible for the blight seems like something the Koreanii would use, even through a male sorcerer made it.

They both made use of travelling between worlds (although one is an anti-world).

Like I said, it is just an observation.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the very observant question, actually, no, Whitestorm is not connected (nor are any of the other standalones or trilogies, tied in to Wars of Light and Shadows, deliberately or directly.)

The other stories were written as standalones.

If there is a direct connection to the Atheran universe, that will be stated; I've got now 5 satellite short stories, and they are marked Wars of Light and Shadows stories, with a novella in the pipeline.

The splinter worlds of Athera stand on their own; and you don't know it all yet, not nearly the scope of it.

Lovely to get a question today, as I've finished the color paintings for the cover of Destiny's Conflict - working on the photography to turn them in. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!

originally posted by Richard Myburgh

Hi Janny

Thanks for the info. Rereading Master of Whitestorm while I wait.


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This is funny that is was brought up as I am in the middle of of creating a master of whitestorm dnd character.

originally posted by Richard Myburgh


I found another strong similarity - the Valjir. Too much of a coincidence with the mistwraths and Free wraths. The descriptions are oh-so similar…

But that is to be expected when you are both Neth and Ath to those worlds.