WoLaS Manga

originally posted by Tadgh Moriarty

I didn't see a thread refering to this so i apologise if this has been asked before.

Just wondering if youever thought of collaborating to make a manga based on the books Janny. I mean all the ingredients are their mages,magic, clans, the nobility, war violence etc…plus a damn good stoyline…then maybe an anime…and finally worldwide media domination.
The manga part I was serios about.

originally posted by Hunter

a robotic Arithon a la "Ghost in the Shell"… I love it…

Tadgh Moriarty - welcome here - never thought of it. Don and I have toyed with the notion of a graphic novel, based on earlier history - but time limits have cramped much development. (Writing schedule to immersive).

Sufficient reader enthusiasm goes a long way, doesn't ever hurt to let your favorite manga publishers know that you want it. My agent takes serious offers - seriously. :smiley: