Withstanding drakefire..

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The Mathiell Gate in the inner Citadel in Alestron was "Paravian built to withstand drakefire" - according to the text of the Paravian Sketchbook.

How is this likely to stand up to Lysaer blasting it with his Elemental light?

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since drakefire could burn the biscuits off just about anything, I think Lysaer's light might not do anything to it. but what if his power of light goes way beyond what we know as light. Janny has a way of making [sound, light, energy] vibrate [I think that is the word I am looking for] beyond it's normal capabilities, so that it can destabilize the bands of energy that stabilize matter. Or something like that. I am no physicist.
[grinning at ya]

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Yes, drakefire has slagged Kaithtarr, Scarpdale and the Bittern Desert to name a few. But the Paravians were able to craft defences against this drakefire. And Arithon was defended by Alithiel from the khadrim fire in Curse… (doesn't Kevor wish he had Alithiel!)

I guess the Paravians were also able to craft the grimwards to contain the dead drakes' dreams - so their magic is potent. All of which doesn't answer my original musing…

I'm thinking what Janny is doing with vibrational energy is not so much making it do something it doesn't today - rather showing what it is capable of that we've never really looked at before and don't know what to do with it. A poor analogy would be electricity - it exists for years before some dolt decided to fly a kite in a thunderstorm, got zapped and decided electricity could be harnessed. Prior to that, people lived largely in ignornace of this power. I see Janny flying the kite for us to experience the new world for ourselves…

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If I remember correctly Arithron used shadow and his other powers and not Alithiel to withstand the drakefire. Like when Arithron had Dakar draw the runes to snuff the fire that was going to burn to death the bard (don't have book and can't remember his name). Pretty sure it was explained that they were done similarly.

And I've just assumed that Paravian built would mean it having runes/glyphs/etc created into it for protection.

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I think that Arithon and F7 have stated their opinion that Alestron would fall to a magical attack.

I got the feeling that Lysaer's gift was still not yet 100% proof against arrows. So he'll need to watch out.

I'm guessing the priests will be capable of suitably nasty attacks. If the s'Brydions stay stubborn unfortunately we're going to see them suffer…

Kevor's transformation to adept: how many other humans would be capable of this? Where have the adepts come from historically and what brought them to 'join' the ranks so to speak?

Alithiel's abilities I guess are further explained in TK.

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Hmm… I would argue that any discussion in the topic for Stormed Fortress - the book *after* Traitor's Knot - would, by definition, branch into the realm of potential spoilers as the discussion would include all books up to and including Traitor's Knot.

Hence the warning - as we do in the spoiler topic anyway - at the start of the post.

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But any TK spoilers MUST be posted in the TK Spoiler topics until after the last new edition of TK is published (MM hardcover, UK mass paperback, US paperback whichever is last).

Most posts in Stormed Fortress are not of the spoiler nature, they are speculative unless they specifically reference info that only appears in TK then they are TK spoilers.

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Ok… no worries O great leathery winged, flying thingie…

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leathery winged

The gryphon cranes his head to admire the red-gold plumage gracing his wings, the fine textured sand-colored fur encasing his hindquarters.

"Leathery? Where? I'll fire that human whose job it is to keep me properly groomed… or maybe just rub him in mutton oil."

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Must have been the time you had mange… :smiley:

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The sound of clicking talons and magical implements is heard in the distance.

"Hmmm, a Fourth Spell… yes, that would do quite nicely."


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OK!! So what is a ROTFL?

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Roll On The Floor Laughing.

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Or my favorite (and maybe Cheryl's too): ROTFLSHIWMP - Rolling On The Floor Laughing So Hard I Wet My Pants.


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Some boards have a time limit on mandatory spoiler disclosures, like within 2 weeks or 1 month of a new book coming out. On this board we try to keep spoilerific stuff confined to the book topics. So if you haven't read all the books, read those topics about books you haven't read at your own risk. If you inadvertently post something that could be considered a spoiler, Trys will usually move it to the appropriate thread.

Wecome Susan.

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To add to Andy's information above, there are some people who either don't have access to the latest book yet [Janny's books are often published in the UK first] or cannot afford the hard cover book, and are waiting for the paperback.

Out of deference to these folks, we put Spoiler Warnings on top of each post dealing with specific events in these books. That is because if we just hit the enter key to go down, the top line of text would still show up - a quirk of the chat area software.

As Andy noted, if you have NOT yet read the book in question, the Spoiler topics are those that you read at your own risk.

Finally, I second Andy - welcome aboard! We're nice folks, and Janny herself chimes in when she is catching a break during writing/painting sessions.

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Welcome Susan,

You are right in your assessment of what a spoiler is. I'm fairly religious about keeping spoilers in there topics until a reasonable period of time after the last version of the book comes out, that means US/UK Hardcover/Trade Paperback/Mass Market paperback. After that the Spoiler Topic for the books goes away. You'll notice only Traitor's Knot has a top level topic devoted to spoilers. Makes it easy for people to avoid them.

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