Withstanding drakefire

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Possible minor spoilers ahead.
Possible minor spoilers ahead.

Many of the Adepts are described as being "of desert stock," or if not described directly as "desert stock" they have many of the same physical characteristics, i.e. dark complexion, dark hair and eyes, shorter, slimmer physical stature.

Withstanding drakefire is all well and good, but do we know the FULL implications of Lysaer's gift of light? After all, Arithon has transcended limits many believed were on his gift of shadow.

AND it is stated, way back when, in CotM, that elemental power is limited only by the breadth of the wielder's imagination. I don't think we have seen the full implications of Lysaer's gifts just yet.

The one I feel sorry for is Sulfin Evend, who is trying to checkrein Lysaer's ambitions because now he KNOWS so much about the implications of the breaking of the Compact.

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Spoilers for those who haven't read TK yet…
Ye have been warned…


Good points.

We know that a person can withstand being burnt to a crisp by Lysaer's gift of Light. If arcane protections can be wrought through a person's body, it stands to reason that similar protections can be wrought through stone. The question is whether the Paravian protections in/on/through Mathiell Gate are similar to that imposed by the Fellowship to protect Sulfin Evend. One can only assume they are as they both would have been founded on the Law of the Major Balance.

Arithon operates in full knowledge of magecraft and what he can and can't, should and shouldn't. That Lysaer has not had mage training is both a saving grace and the worst nightmare at the same time. Lacking detailed knowledge he's limited in what he can achieve, lacking the same knowledge he neither knows nor acknowledges the bounds people with such power impose upon themselves.

I have an image of Sulfin Evend standing in front of Alestron's inner citadel, confronting Lysaer and arguing with him to stop him storming the citadel… but Sulfin Evend is currently returning the Biedar knife to the self-same Sanpashir desert tribes you mentioned - who were responsible for the magecraft that resulted in the conception of both Lysaer and Arithon's ancestor, Dari s'Ahelas - it might be a big assumption to presume Sulfin Evend would return to Lysaer's side after that. Who knows what he'll learn there and how he might go about trying to reconcile his seemingly conflicting oaths to both Lysaer and his caithdein's oath?