Will ebook version become available?

originally posted by Ian.nicholson

I would dearly love to see these books published in electronic edition, I already have all of them in paperback but am more than willing to buy them all again if they are released electronically. That way I can read the books and stop them falling apart due to over use!
Does anyone know if there is any chance ebooks will happen to this series??

Ian - you can get To Ride Hell's Chasm and Traitor's Knot in E book form, derived from the US edition - look for the info on that at meishamerlin.com

originally posted by Ian.nicholson


I have been to the suggested website and found reference to ebooks on their webpages, I have sent them an email enquiring but have so far got no response.

As far as I can see on the webpage - they only seem to seel paper editions…

Ian - you'd probably have to go to the company that does the e books and order the title from them.

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Janny : Can you tell me who the comapny is? I have searched the internet and cannot find any reference to any of your books in ebook format.
Are you considering releasing the previous books in ebook format also?

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The company is Embiid Publishing but either their server is down or they are no longer in business. The website is www.embiid.net

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I just emailed and asked, apparently a deal has been signed, so it's just up to the publisher when any will be released, I can't wait :smiley: