Why was the Mistwraith so inactive?

originally posted by Michael

I may have missed something, but it seems to me as if the Mistwraith spent 500 years not doing anything, except, of course, for covering the world in mist. At first I thought that perhaps, as long as it was bound in mist, it could not do anything, but it managed its first strike against the brothers while still mist-bound.

Why the lack of any activity? Or, was it doing things we have yet to learn about?

originally posted by Ellydee

If I remember correctly, when the Mistwraith first came through South Gate, it spent some time fighting the then-monarchs and the Paravians, so it was actively doing something before the Rebellion if it was waging some kind of battle. Evidently, the Fellowship didn't understand it and didn't know how to combat it, nor did the Koriani, and the Paravians fled, so perhaps it didn't do anything because it didn't detect a real threat until the half-brothers arrived.
On the other hand, it devoured Marak and the buffer world before reaching Athera, and I have to admit I was confused that it didn't devour this new planet. Maybe after Traithe's sacrifice, there was not enough of it to destroy the planet, or perhaps the planet's irregularities prevented it from doing so. Maybe it had to wait for all Paravian traces to vanish before it could do any damage?
Though I think it would be very cool indeed if it was plotting or doing something as yet undetected while mulling in Athera's atmosphere. :smiley:

originally posted by Beth Caudill

Who said it didn't do anything. Just because we didn't see it do anything doesn't mean it was inactive. I'd bet that some souls attached to some of the city men and added to the conflict between towns and clan.

I don't think it could get a hold on the clan members, but I'd bet that some of the merchants and politicians were just right for possession.

Only with a direct threat to its existance did it need to rally as a collective being.


originally posted by Blue

Another point to remember is that the Paravians withdrew from the continent, which coincided with the time the Mistwraith appeared.

The assumptions are that they left due to

1. Lack of sunlight/Mistwraith's oppression/suppression of the sun
2. Despair because the principles they embodied [love, compassion, connection to Ath] were threatened or abandoned.

However, this is only the interpretation of the F7, the clans and Ath's Adepts. The townies and Koriani don't care, particularly, because this gives them free rein to do what they want.

Did the Paravians ever state WHY they did not try to Name the Mistwraith or WHY they chose to withdraw?

Until I see the answers to this as given by a Paravian [Athlien, Riathan or Ilitharis] I am going to assume the information on their disappearance is only a guess on the part of those who miss the Paravians.

originally posted by Andy

I don't have the books or glossaries with me, but my recollection is that the Paravians did not withdraw from the continent until up to 100 years after the Mistwraith first arrived on Athera. While the presence of the Mistwraith may have been problematic for the Paravians, perhaps abhorrent, we do not have evidence that the Mistwraith's presence (or the failure of the F7 to defeat the Mistwraith) caused the Paravians to depart. From our exposure to the F7's statements and viewpoints, we think that the F7 does not know the reason why they left, but they suspect that it has something to do with the Mistwriath.

originally posted by max

If the mistwraith did possess someone, wouldn't that go so counter to the compact the F7 would have to destroy that individual as when Lysaer was possessed? the sorcerers said if they couldn't free him they would have to kill him. I believe the paravians left because the mistwraith was so in conflict of the very nature of the paravians that their presence couldn't even tolerate them. the way that dark is dispersed by light or the way light can be destroyed so the presence of darkness is so absolute. just rattling my cage again. [grinning at ya]

originally posted by Trys

There could be a difference between someone who can wield elemental light being posessed by a wraith and the local dogcatcher being posessed. But only Janny knows for sure.

originally posted by R’is’n

The mistwraithe, as far as I understand it, is a combination of the entities left from the destruction of worlds, by the F7. So I wonder if the Paravians left because it was something the F7 needed to sort out, balance and all that jazz?

originally posted by Trys


The mistwraithe, as far as I understand it, is a combination of the entities left from the destruction of worlds, by the F7.

I think Desh-thiere is the result of the technology developed by those who were 'exiled' through Southgate to Marak.

originally posted by max

Actually Trys, the thought of them possessing the local dogcatcher by mistake is rather amusing, especially if they couldn't leave once they were in and realized just who they had possession of. [grinning at ya] I truly hope that technology is revealed somewhat in the future, I am very curious what happened on Marak!