Who would you cast?

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Okay, I'm new, just found all this. In fact, I've only just now finished reading Peril's Gate and came rummaging around looking for someone to talk to about it.
Found this thread and here I go:
My gut reaction is to vote Orlando Bloom to play Arithon. At this point, as I write, I've now seen Orlando continue to evolve as an actor and he's showing some real potential for the kind of angst that Arithon would demand.
He may be just a bit tall, but he has the lean physical frame and grace to do this well.(All that Elf practice)
But, then again, I can certainly see the allure of Johnny Depp here too. Mainly because he's proven his ability to pull some amazing aspects out of a character and I'd be truly curious to see what he would do as Arithon.
Johnny also has the requisite lean body, but he may be just a squidge too old for Arithon.
I would also vote for Paul Walker as Lysaer. He possesses just the sort of amazing blond masculine beauty that would suit, and I think that he could portray the right kind of 'lordliness' that Lysaer has to have.
You know, another interesting choice would be Heath Ledger. He definitely possesses the kind of smile that would just win people over right and left, as we know Lysaer does.
I liked the idea of Jack Black as Dakar. A lot.
But I was also going to suggest an actor named Mark Addy. He was in 'A Knight's Tale' with Heath.
And I really liked the suggestion of Jennifer Connelly for Elaira. She's truly beautiful, yet inherently intelligent, and she can portray sooooo much with her eyes.
Pretty much this whole idea of bringing WoLaS to the big screen is totally exciting.
The CG effects would and could be awesome.


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I'm probably the only woman on earth who can't stand Orlando Bloom, but there you have it. :wink: He may be slight enough in bone structure, but I think personality wise he is too slight. I don't think he has enough presence for Arithon. I just can't take Orlando Bloom seriously. He looks like he's 14 years old, and he's all soft eyes and long lashes. Arithon may be delicate in stature, but he's got a forceful personality, and he's been hardned by all the hard knocks he's been dealt. I think he'd be better served by an older actor with more experience under his belt. Who knows, by the time the series is finished and the movies ready to be made, Orlando could be perfect. :wink:

Arithon is arguably the hardest character to cast, as fun as it'd be to see a movie version of this series, I can't help but think we'd all be so dissapointed by whomever ended up as Arithon that it wouldn't be satisfying.

originally posted by Brenda Marshall

My vote for Arithon would be Michael Hurst. I don't think there's a role he CAN'T play. I just saw him recently in Auckland playing the lead in Goldie and four days later playing MacBeth. He has the right build for it and the talent. Won't be the first time he changed his hair color and added colored contacts for a role either <g>.


originally posted by Dawnlyn

I can see your point, Lyssabits, even though I do tend to be biased for Orlando. I agree that Arithon would require to be portrayed with a lot of strength. He does definitely have moments of being 'forceful'.
But, somehow, in my own mind, I've had the impression that that's more of an internal thing with him, an aspect of his nature that he can and will express. To look at Arithon, I really don't feel that he would appear 'forceful'. There are several mentions of quite the opposite in regard to how he looks.
From the fragility of his body, to the times when other characters actually viewed him as being almost 'boyish' in appearance.
He's described as being rather small, lean and compactly muscled. Sometimes he even seems a bit hyper, as those types of people often are.
One of those energetic, nervous types.
That creates a picture of him, in my mind, as looking more sensitive than strong. Certainly, time and again, we've heard other characters describe how they see him, and they always speak of how he just doesn't 'look' like what they might have expected from someone of his royal status or reputation as a mage.
As to his appearing 'hardened' as a result of all he's been through, I can't honestly say that I've seen enough to support that. In fact, my impression was that all his trials have tended to wear him down physically. He grows thin, and even more fragile as a result of hardship.
Yet, it's at those points that he seems most strong because of his inner fibre and determination. It's when he 'appears' to be at his weakest, that he seems most driven.
But, then again, we've yet to see how his episode in Kewar's Tunnel will have effected him. Out of everything he's been through, THAT would seem most likely to 'harden' him.
So…I do agree, whoever would be chosen to portray Arithon would definitely need to possess the talent to be both a fiery warrior and a sensitive musician.
He would also need to have that particular physical appearance that is such a trademark of Arithon–whipcord lean and strong, yet deceptively fragile.
No matter what actor it is, it has to be a man who knows how to use his eyes to speak without words. Someone who can, in one scene, shoot sparks of inner fire with his eyes,able to make others stand back; while in another, appear dreamy and distant and caught up in his musical rapture.
Oh, yeah, and in-between would be the times he's that witty, clever rapscallion who sings bawdy tunes and trades banter with tavern wenches.
LOL…can there even be an actor who can do all that?


originally posted by Auna

Don't laugh too hard but I thought the actor that played King Arthur had a definite brooding eye look going. Unfortunately, his body build just isn't right.

Viggo Morgenson on the other hand has the right face and body and some soulful looks at times, he's just a shade too old though.

For giggles, here's my choice for LotR cast as WoLaS:

Aragorn -> Arithon
Boromir -> Lysaer
Arwen -> Elaira
Eowyn -> Lirenda
Gimli -> Dakar
Wormtongue -> Cerebeld

Denethor -> Steiven
Faramir -> Jieret
Theoden -> Bransian s'Brydion
Eomer -> Mearn sBrydion
Elrond -> Erlien s'Taleyn (caithdien of Shand)
Galadriel -> Maenalle sGannley

Caolle -> the commander of Faramir's troops that died when Osgiliath was overrun (forget his name)

Saruman -> Sethvir (as a good guy of course!)
Gandalf -> Asandir

originally posted by Kathie La Rocque

Christopher Lee as a good guy???!!! You do realize he'd have to die, right?
Anyone for John Rhys Davies as Luhane?

originally posted by Hannah

John Rhys Davies would make an excellent Luhaine, oh my goodness!

originally posted by Blue

I still say Michael McShane [Friar Tuck in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves] would make an awesome Dakar! Weight, hair color, drunken behavior, can do a great bad singing performance [though McShane himself isn't all that bad a singer in other venues]. Central Casting, I present, Dakar the Mad Prophet!!

originally posted by michelle-louise

I think that the chap who plays horatio hornblower in the new(ish) TV series - Ioan Gruffudd (read owen griffith) would make a damn fine Arithon. Sexy sexy sexy!!!

Check him out at (link removed)

originally posted by Michelle-Louise

Oh - 1998 (not new then) but look!! Swashbuckling!!
(link removed)

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Wow. I actually quite like the look of that guy. More than anyone else I've seen/thought of. I'd have to see him act though, before passing judgement on his fitness to be the much-drooled over Arithon. :wink:

But I'll love him just for his name, so very Welsh. Brings back fond memories of my Midevil Celtic History class. :wink:

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Sorry I don't usually chip in here althought I await news of the next book avidly but I have to say Orlando Bloom as Lysaer would be my choice rather then Arithon. Although I liked the idea of Arwen playing Elaira!

originally posted by marti

Just saw Johnny Depp in Don Juan DeMarco. At the end, where he dresses up in his "island" wear - (blousy shirt, black pants cropped below the knee, multi-colored sash…)perfect Arithon!!!

originally posted by Konran

I actually started going through and casting people a bit ago… didn't get all the way through, but found some good matches. I have picture links to prove it if anybody goes "huh"?

Arithon - ??
Lysaer - Johnny Depp? (I have a picture of him blonde and OMG!) Also possibly Tom Cruise (as he did a very good arrogant blonde as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire)

Sethvir - the guy who played Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies before he died, or maybe Alec Guinness
Asandir - Sean Connery X3
Kharadmon - Tim Curry maybe…? not exactly how I picture him, but sort of close.
Traithe - Liam Neeson

Morriel - Anjelica Huston
Lirenda - Kate Beckinsale
Selidie - Kirsten Dunst
Elaira - Alexa Davalos?

Jieret (old) - Ewan McGregor
Talith - Keira Knightley maybe?
Sulfin Evend - Oded Fehr (I KNOW it says Sulfin Evend has light eyes, but that's what contacts are for, right? I just can't get him out of my head when I think of Sulfin)
Cerebeld - that guy from A Knight's Tale… the one who played Chaucer…
Feylind - Sophia Myles

originally posted by Kam

Kate as Lirenda I could see, she has that haughty arrogance and has a rather smoky sort of beauty.
And Kira could pull off the Talith pout very nicely :stuck_out_tongue:

*points* And someone who actually agrees with me about Tom Cruise as Lysaer after seeing Lestat! Yea! But he's probably too short.

Oded Fehr… Uh. I don't know. I admit that Sulfin should have a rugged-ness about him but Oded is dark, you know? I never got the impression that Sulfin was dark.

I like Ewan McGregor as Jieret but will protest loudly at any mention of Sean Connery XP


originally posted by Konran

Well… the Sean Connery thing… I always imagine Asandir as having this deep, commanding, forbidding voice, y'know? My b/f (who I have badgered into reading CotM finally) suggested Ian McKellan… I don't see it though. I think what I want is a cross between Ian McKellan and Christopher Lee, with Sean Connery's voice. But if you've seen The Rock, he goes very well with long hair as a Sorceror-type figure… *sweatdrop* I can't help seeing Oded Fehr every time I read about Sulfin! I think Janny made mention once that he was blond, and I know she's referred to him as having "light, piercing eyes" (bad paraphrase)… but I still can't help it!

originally posted by Dorothy

I watched Girl with a Pearl Earring a few weeks ago and thought Scarlett Johannson(guessing the spelling)would make an excellent Selidie.The character she played portrayed the same awe for the artist as Selidie did for Morriel.Excellent film.

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If it was ever made into a film, why use hollywood actors at all? They'd only look their typical 1-dimensional selves… it'd better to have a host of good, less well known, perhaps theatre actors doing the job!

Mind you, that said I think I could see Sethvir played by Patrick Stewart or Morgan Freeman…

originally posted by Konran

"If it was ever made into a film, why use hollywood actors at all? They'd only look their typical 1-dimensional selves… it'd better to have a host of good, less well known, perhaps theatre actors doing the job!"

In that case, sign me up for Elaira *wink* (grey contacts and I might be able to pull it off… my hair's almost the right color… I have Lirenda's eyes though. *grin*)

originally posted by Greg Malcom

I've seen A lot of postings here but I haven't seen this one;

how about Jane Seymour as Lirenda… I believe she could pull it off.