Who do you picture in your head when you think of Lysaer and Arithon?

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Just curious. I only have the plain white books, except for grand conspiracy which has arithon on it.

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I'm curious what you mean by "plain white books". Can you point me at online image of one of them?

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OR probably means the new covers rather than the the older USA ones with the character art.

Even before I saw Lysaer on one of the covers, I always just pictured him as the classic Prince Charming, blonde headed good looking guy everyone naturally adores and thinks can do no wrong. Janny seemed to be depicting him that way so I just went along with it. For some reason I pictured Arithon as an elf but with normal ears. I do not think I ever pictured any of the characters as any particular person. Although once I started reading the series it did not take me long to start investigating cover art, so I had Janny's depiction of Lysaer and Arithon to go on.

There is a thread in General Discussion called "Who would you cast?" That got some fans thinking of who they thought would suit the parts.

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Yeah the ones that have the lion type monsters on the front with a small circle filled with some landscape.

I didn't really have them down as particular people as they are somewhat larger than life (although I always imagined Dakar as the drunk monk off that old Robin hood film)

I also thought of Arithon as very elfin, but there was always a hardness there that meant I definetly couldn't think of him as effete. Difficult to think of an actor who embodies both.

Likewise theres definetly a power about Lysaer, in addtion to his charisma that i imagined him as quite a large character. Offset by his frequent internal vulnerability and what not. Difficult balance to strike. When I was reading Fulgrim in the Horus heresy series I actually really thought he was Lysaer at times; especially his vanity.

Might check out that thread about the actors.

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The lion type monsters on the covers are statues of Seardluin, why anyone would want to make a statue in their likeness is a mystery. But then Sethvir has Khadrim carvings under one of the tables at Althain tower. Maybe Paravians showed no favouritism they immortalised in stone both the good and the bad. The stone circle on all the covers is possibly a stone scrying basin someone is using to see the events.

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This one really shows my age, but perhaps Montgomery Clift for Arithon? I just saw The Help and have no idea what his name is, but Skeeter's boyfriend was the handsomest guy I've seen in a while, so perhaps he fits Lysaer.

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Ever notice how much Prince Charming in the Shrek movies looks like Janny's renderings of Lysaer?

Coincidence? I think not…

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Sleo must be ancient! Not even I would have thought of Montgomery Clift and I am no spring chicken. I think he has the eyes and the mouth for the part, no objections from me. Got to have those expressive eyes to play the part of Arithon.

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Montgomery Clift had the fine nuance of movement and expression as well.

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Sam Heughan, the Scottish actor, is much before the public eye at present, in the television adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series, playing a fictitious Highlander, Jamie Fraser. For the role, Heughan has to dye his hair ginger-red, as Fraser is a blue-eyed redhead.

Heughan, on the other hand, is a blue-eyed blond, with a deep speaking voice, a chiseled torso, and long graceful arms and legs. His facial bone structure is also angular, all planes and points; and with his mobility of facial expression alone, he can seem sympathetic or intimidating, he isn't stuck with one pretty-face look.

I like Heughan for Lysaer, honestly.