White out!

originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Hello everyone, Shetland is part of the Arctic once again.

The biting wind, which is blowing at severe gale force 9 is a lasy wind, it does not blow around folk, it just blows straight through them.

Does this remind you of Vastmark?

Skol to one and all.

Saw parts of Lewis/Harris that indeed resembled Vastmark - uncannily exact - rocks that looked like sheep and sheep that looked like rocks, all set on very steep and very craggy and bare hills. The Pix you sent of your area were very green…not as rough and rocky as I pictured, but, not to say other areas of your isle are not that way.

originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Hello Janny, Shetland's scenery is varied, I e-mailed 2 links to you recently, one of them is a link to a photo website which shows various parts of Scotland and Shetland and Orkney.

Did you receive them? Cheers.

originally posted by Andy

World-building question: Aren't Vastmark and Merior-by-the-Sea at nearly the same latitude? What accounts for the marked difference in climate? Aren't they both in a "tropical" latitude? Is Vastmark at higher elevation, i.e., "highlands"? Any ideas here?

Hi Andy - Vastmark's got elevation - far more than Harris/Lewis does. Merior's low elevation also benefits by a warm sea current.

originally posted by Andy

Thanks, Janny!

Another example of why this little board is so special (yet sadly unique). Ask a simple little question, get a simple little answer – from the creator no less. You rock!

originally posted by Richard Myburgh

If you're looking for places that resemble scenes from the books you should come to South Africa. the interior is littered with stone ruins that could resemble Centaur craftsmanship and the Drakensburg mountains (meaning dragon's back) seem aptly named and shaped for most mountain scenes and chapters (see Vastmark and the stairway leading to the tunnel or the prison where the mistwraith is imprisoned - I forget the names).