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I just started reading SF yesterday. I'm a little behind the times :wink: . I'm in the middle of Chapters set 3 and i just had to post so…

Jenysa! That girl infuriates me. Her ploy to bring Arithon to Alestron is more of a petty act of revenge than sympathy with the plight of the s'Brydions' and Fionn Areth . I can see already knowledge of Dakar's prophecy will reach Eliara and that will be her choice whether to inform Alrithon "yours to choose when that time comes, the natural death or the sacrifice." Jenysa is just suffering from the ego crush that Arithon meant so much to the father she loved (more than her, so she feels) and had the empathy to figure that out. She has lost most of the sympathy I had for her.

Sulfind Evend: So pleased he overcame prejudice to grasp Arithon's character. He really is now in a rock and a hard place.

The Guardsmen: How are they going to come to terms with Lysaer's curse? To serve someone geas bend on destruction for a false cause? They are going o need stunning courage and compassion.

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Just to nitpick a little, but Fionn Areth's birth prophecy wasn't made by Dakar. :wink: And I interpreted Elaira's choice as the one she made about whether to participate in the Koriani plot to change Fionn's face or not. Once his face was changed, I think the chance of the natural death was made *highly* unlikely. It was his face change and the sword-training that bought his permission that made him want to go out into the world. Had he not received it, he likely would have remained on the moors and gotten his natural death.

Hellcat!!! Haven't seen you about, in just ages! Cool you've stopped by to post.

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I'm back. I'm just trying sooooo hard not to race through this book. (I've been lurking and reading, just haven't had anything to add to discussion recently)

Lyssabits; The prophecy of Dakar's I was referring to was the one in SF where Jenysa elects to stay in Alestron. Dakar can't remember therefore can't pass that info on the Arithon. So I speculate that the wear abouts of Fionn and Jensya will be told to Elaria, who will then have to make the foretold choice, to leave Fionn Areth to die at Lysaer's hands or to tell Arithon. I like you idea though, that Eliar has alreday made the choice, in allowing Fionn Aeth's shapechange.


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Hellcat, you must really be in a rush to get back to the book, because you've typed Elaira's name three times in this thread and none of them have been correct. LOL! :wink:

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Ah, sorry Hellcat, I assumed you'd meant the birth prophecy since the line you quoted, "Yours to choose when the time comes…" was part of the birth prophecy.

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Just saw another thing I had "assumed" confirmed in the text. I wonder how much I forget what I read…and what I assume I have deduced but was blatently on the page already if I paid attention.

When Arithon is talking to Jeynsa, he confirms that the Fellowship's compact is a guideline to having the townborn also take partial responsibility for lookng after the planet they live on (or something to that effect). Except that this F7 plan has been scuppered by deviousness/greed/ignorance (ostte…).

Davien seems to consider F7 defeat unlikely …I wonder whether he is mistaken? Presumably either way Arithon is tipping the balance? Or…I wonder whether Arithon's life is still key to paravian survival post Stormed Fortress, bearing in mind recent events?