When will it all end?

originally posted by Michael Hall

In one of your first books at the very begining you said that you were only going to write 5 books for this story. That you were not going to keep just writing more and more books and keep the story going. Yet this is what you've seemed to do. When is the story going to come to a conclusion?

originally posted by BillBob

There are 5 story arcs. An arc may and typically does encompass more than one volume. With Stormed Fortress she is wrapping the third story arc. There are two more arcs to go.

Arc 1: Curse of the Mistwraith
Arc 2: Ships of Merior
Warhost of Vastmark
Arc 3: Fugitive Prince
Grand Conspiracy
Perils Gate
Traitor's Knot
Stormed Fortress
Arc 4: Janny has typically said, a couple of books in this arc.
Arc 5: Janny has typically said 1 to 2 books in this arc.

As far as direction is concerned, she has been mapping this story out for more than 20 years and knows exactly where it is going and how it will wrap and it will not have an endless parade of sequels. Somewhere on this website there is more around this, but I can't find it at them moment. Only the novels necessary to tell the story she had envisioned. Not like the Piers Anthony Xanth novels where he is up to like 27 volumes.

Janny feel free to correct me if I have misstated anything.

Thanks Billbob

originally posted by Trys

Hi Michael,

All of the information that BillBob has posted is correct so far as I know it.

I would say that IMNSH opinion, none of these books has been wasted space. Each has deepened and widened the story immeasurably. Besides, it not the end of the story that matters to me, it's the telling of the tale. Or as Rush said in a song from their Hold Your Fire album, 'the point of the journey is not to arrive'. :smiley:


There was information on the site itself but during the last overhaul there wasn't much reason to keep that dated information on the site. However, there is information in the FAQ area… A question about the number of books is in this page: (link removed).

I will be adding a search feature to the web in the not too distant future. Just finishing up some twiddles of how the Portfolio and Sketchbook pages work. :smiley:

Trys <– resident gryphon, moderator and webmaster.

The information posted here is pretty much projected correct, though I hope to end the last arc in one volume, if I can.

Funny - when I DO end a series, I get just as many howling notices from readers that they wanted more, please, when a story was finished.

No question, with me, when I'm done, I am through. Ending volumes tend to stay that way, which goes to show, you cannot please everyone.

Thank goodness - since a world without passionate differences of opinion would be incredibly boring.

Therefore, with respect, Michael, this tale will be done when I have written the ending.

Contrarywise, if I wanted "keep the story going", I'd certainly not be doing it this way!

originally posted by Laneth Shadow-Walker

Maybe there could be an authorised by Janny compendium / anthology of fan work that people have written? Short-stories and things that the respective authors could collaborate with Janny on?

I know Janny's said to me before that fan-fic is something that cannot really be justified, so I doubt this idea would work. But with Janny on board to provide the crituque on the short-stories as it's her world, it may be an idea…once it's all done, of course.

originally posted by Blue

Kind of the way the Blood of Ten Chiefs anthologies for Elfquest went, Laneth? That was how I first discovered Janny, from the short stories she contributed to those volumes.

originally posted by Laneth Shadow-Walker

I don't believe I've read that series, Blue.

Although, that sounds like ye understand what ye mean.

I admit to having started a fan-fic on Athera, but stopped when Janny told me that fan-fic aint allowed for her work :smiley:

I imagined that I'd write a fic, Janny would read it and comment and edit, and it would be added to a list of stories about Athera that could expand the overall depth of the stories.

originally posted by Derek Coventry

I haven't come across that series either but I'm now going to look for it. (I'm re-reading 'The Elvenbane' at present)
I agree with Trys's sentiments and avoid thinking of the end of a story. I just love to swim in Janny's creation; and I'm just sorry that I can't swim as far as Florida, I've always enjoyed picnics.

originally posted by Trys

Fan fic in Janny's universe? I shudder to think what someone else might have one of Janny's characters do.

originally posted by Kam

Well, Trys, fanfiction is not always terrible. The ones you most likely refer to are the unpublished, unresearched tales spun up by admirers in their free time.

I have no idea how the other anthologies work, but I suspect published fan-fiction would need the author's consent and approval and would have a completely different level of respect to the original works.

Considering the depths of Janny's work, I also doubt very much that anyone other than herself could ever write a fiction that could do Athera justice.

At risk of repeating myself, here :smiley:

I CANNOT read or endorse your fan fiction set in my world. Not possible to do, the way the copyright works…it invokes right to create, and given that I am the author of this work, my presence changes the territory - and makes other areas "cloudy" that I might need later - when I sign a bottom line on a contract saying "I am the sole creator" I have to mean it.

Have fun, by all means - but maybe the better question to ask is, what world and characters are inside of YOU that are waiting to be created…copy mine, you lose out on yours. Fact of life. We are all unique. I'd rather read YOUR original story than mine, done "over" by somebody else…I'd not be respecting your creativity or potential by not encouraging you to test your own waters.

And anyway the "assumptions" as to where the characters were going would be "yours" and probably just plain - well, wrong. :smiley::smiley: :smiley: (They fool me alot, too!)

In the case of the Blood of Ten Chiefs series - Wendy Pini created the world and a backhistory - but she realized she would never have the time to write about the "ten chiefs" that came before her current popular comic characters. She and Richard CHOSE to assemble a picked set of authors to write those stories, based on her world guidelines. It was great fun, but a far cry from fan fiction - the author chose to delegate, and all of the stories had to meet certain criteria under Wendy's eye. Same went for Bill Fawcett's FLEET material.

There are other author collaborations like this - Thieves World comes to mind as one of the "better known" works.

What you guys do in your OWN free time in your PRIVATE space is yours…Public space is out of the question. And in private space, please do not ask me to "endorse" it or be "involved" or even read it. I simply can't! Nor may I acknowledge what you wish to make public without being obliged to say no…sole creator means just that.

If I get a contract from somewhere offering to buy dramatic rights, I just cannot risk having a blurred line - and yes, if you ask, there have been and are some pretty ugly cases of authors having to battle their "readers" in court. YUCK!

That, I shudder to contemplate!

Quite simply, I like you guys too much - therefore, we are NOT GOING THERE.

originally posted by Susan C

I have never enjoy fan fic. I don't like books or series that another author takes over either. It is never the same. While I often will imagine my own scenarios for a book -especially while waiting for the next one to be release, I would never consider writing fan fic even if it was only for my personal use. No one could ever write in "Janny's voice". I admit I get impatient waiting for the next book, but that is because I love this series so much. When it is finally over, I think I will mourn. I feel so privileged to be able to enter the world created by Janny.
Brian Herbert has kept his father's Dune series going, but it isn't the same. It can't be. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Mist of Avalon books have been taken over by another author (with permission), but they can never measure up. While these are not examples of fan fic, they prove the point, that the original author's vision can not be duplicated. Janny is an artist not just with paint and canvas or pen and ink, but with the written word. I may own her books, but I can never own her creation. But I take much pleasure in reading and living in her worlds. I understand as an author and artist when she finally finishes this series Janny will want to use her creative juices to bring to life something new. And I know I will love it, but I will miss learning new things about Paravia. Thankfully, Janny's works are so wonderfully written that I enjoy reading them again and again.

Thanks Janny for sharing your amazing talent with us.


originally posted by Trys



Considering the depths of Janny's work, I also doubt very much that anyone other than herself could ever write a fiction that could do Athera justice.

This was my point exactly. I feel that only Janny can interpret these characters and their actions.

originally posted by HJ

I started a re-read, from FP, a few weeks ago, in anticipation of the release of Stormed Fortress. I've only read TK once, on it's British release.

I agree, it's nice to have fun. I've been dreaming of Arithon (sigh) since I started re-reading, my obsession when I'm fully immersed can be pretty full on. But, I can't imagine reading anyone else's writing about Athera and the characters I love.

In the same way I don't think people should cover, or sample, classic songs. No-one should try to re-write Mozart, because his music has his hallmark and it is incomparable.

Said it before and saying it again, can't wait for this next installment, Janny. I've got a good feeling about this book!!

x x

originally posted by Michael Hall

First off I must say that I am very impressed Janny that you take the time to answer your fans questions personally. I started reading your books when I was 12, i'm now 26, from the local library and stopped reading them after "Warhost of Vastmark". About a month ago again at the library I saw the artwork for the cover of "The curse of the Mistwraith" and remembered those fond memories and the exciting story from my youth. I quickly checked out the entire series and even requested "Traitor's Knot" from another library. Now 1 month later and reading 7 books through as fast as possible I have become entranced once again and suddenly I can't get my "Janny Fix" because I have reached the end of your published works. The reason I wanted to know when the series ended is because I MUST know what will happen next to everyone you've written about and the conclusion . I eagerly await your next book, and again thank you for taking the time to respond personally. Michael Hall

Michael -

I have no problem whatsoever with enthusiastic impatience!:smiley:

You will have Stormed Fortress coming up.

(I am quite literally writing the last three lines)

Did you perchance find the standalone, To Ride Hell's Chasm? Just curious…

originally posted by Michael Hall

I have not found or read "To Ride Hall's Chasm", and I promise you that before the week is out that I will remedy that situation! Thanks for the info.

originally posted by joshua bruce law

When it comes to taking over an authors work sometimes it can be done well when it is authorised. Todd McCaffrey is doing a suberb job taking over for his mother in pern. He has co-authored a few books with her and done some stand-alone works as well. He has the benefit of knowing her world better than anyone other than of course his mother.

But that kind of situation would not happen with Jannys books as she has said when she is done with a story she is done with it. I cannot see anyone else writing well enough to play in Athera.