When is Traitor's Knot going to be released?

originally posted by kris galvin

I emailed the publisher, but have not received a repsonse. The latest information on their website is dated 04-06. Help!

originally posted by Blue

Kris the UK edition was released in December, and the latest I remember from no less than Our Miss Wurts herself is May 10 for the US edition.

As to any other editions, I have no idea.

originally posted by Cheryl

Can't wait for May release. It will be like a birthday gift from Meisha Merlin. lol I know it's not free but the timing is good. lol Christmas and Birthdays are always good times to get a Janny book.

originally posted by Sandtiger

It's going to be a fun couple of months, I must admit.

Janny's Traitor's Knot (US edition)
Julie's Migration.
Jim Butcher's Dead Beat.

Julie's Fantastic Companions (Antho with Janny's story)
Tanya Huff's Smoke and Mirrors
Lois Bujold's The Hallowed Hills.

And these are only the hardcovers! (Okay, FC is a Trade Paperback - but you know what I mean)

Goodness. It's a good thing I like Kraft Dinner.

Sandtiger ::grin::

originally posted by Cheryl

Mercedes Lackey's Sanctuary comes out in May too. It's a good series and her latest one outside of Valdemar. I'm enjoying it and will include it in May books to get. I didn't know Jim Butcher's new one would be out. Thanks Sandtiger also Raymond E. Feist came out too. Finally Exile's Return. I'll get it in May too. LOL Merry book month of May.

originally posted by Beth Caudill

In May, well the 31st is still technically May, Kelley Armstrong's 'Haunted' and Christine Feehan's 'Oceans of Fire' come out. But still waiting for any Janny fix I can get. Shouldn't To Ride Hell's Chasm be out in trade paperback soon. Also, I need to look up when the anthology with Child of Prophecy comes out in paperback so I can get that too.