What's up?

Just back from the little Pirate Festival in Clearwater, and facing a cold windy night (for Florida) - with some new stuff in the wings…

Here's a little map:

We are going to have high quality prints available soon! We've made the commitment to a large size, archival quality printer that can make giclee prints and quality reproductions, at size, on rag paper.

What this means? WHEN we get it up and running, ANY image you want can be done up for framing…this eliminates the need for storage, middlemen, publishers…we make them as you order them. Watch this space…

More - I have finally started scanning the Paravia sketchbook again…once I get them completed (it's taken Don's help as equipment update changed the ropes a bit) we can have them for the site.

What else - cutting down and finalizing Stormed Fortress, of course, and a first few LINES on Arc …watch this space.

originally posted by Theresa

Ah, Janny, that is beautiful news. :smiley: I shall indeed watch this space.

Okay, so watching is mostly all I do, but hey… news of prints to come is really really fine.

… wanders back into the dire void of Monday morning chaos …

originally posted by HJ

Janny! Yes! Yes! Oh, wow! Does this mean I can have a nice copy of the cover of Grand Conspiracy? I've just finished re-reading GC and I can never pick the book up without staring at the cover in a mesmerised, obsessive trance for minutes on end.

I've asked you about getting a copy once or twice before. I've got the Second Nature screensaver with the very image on my machine.

Talk about a dream come true…!

originally posted by Hunter

This is great news Janny…

Make a good addition, or two, to the Curse and Ships prints from Jam Works I already have…

originally posted by max

and in your SPARE time could you do sketches of, oh say, ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK??? I love imagining their looks but it would be ever so fun to see how you picture them. I will watch the sketch site avidly. [smiling at ya]

originally posted by Blue

What Max said…

but hey, no pressure! :smiley:

originally posted by Iris

Great! Surely enjoy your creations and Don's too.