What's UP?

Everybody must be furiously stitching together their Halloween costumes, or something…?

What's Up with you?

originally posted by Neil

Not sure whether Janny is asking about activity on this site?

Maybe having reached the end of an arc and knowing the next one is something "different" we have maybe already speculated on the stuff already seen in arcs 1-3 and so have no new ideas?

WoLaS was an obsession for me for a while that has since been replaced by a wife, son and mba studies :wink:

I mostly lurk these days watching newer readers go round the same circles I have :slight_smile: Kharadmon has obviously helped Janny confuse us like he does with the free wraiths :wink:

originally posted by Dorothy

Gone back to lurking too. I can only visit now and again and it seems bad manners to comment then disappear for months. Love reading the postings tho'

Oh, no, I meant what were you all DOING? It's a varied crowd here, and the collection of pursuits and interests may be fun to see - and let folks get to know each other better, too.

People are doing Amazing stuff, everywhere, and, contrary to the doomers and gloomers doing the news, there's a lot of positive activity - it's a guess of mine, many folks here are just dynamite happening.

so - curiously - I want to know!

originally posted by Brittani

Oh I thought you wanted to know about our halloween outfits.

I am going as the headless horseman (or woman in my case) with the horse included. For the last four years I have dressed up me and the horse and I go out into the streets of some neighborhood where they don't get to see horses very often and I ride my horse around on halloween night. All the kids really seem to like it and the parents have voted us best costume 4 years running. We won't be able to go back to that same neighborhood this year because someone tried to run us over with a big golf cart like thing because my horse pooped in the middle of the street. (which is perfectly legal I might point out)

So this year we are going to a new place, haven't picked it out yet though. The pictures are always great too.

As far was what I do when I am not planning the best halloween costume in the world, I am taking care of other people's horses and going to school to be a horse vet.

originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Hello everyone, I'm working hard and living sober and I'm adjusting to the colder weather, the first snow of the winter fell here on the 10th., of October, it's gone again thankfully.

One of my hobbies is the collection and restoration of old oil lamps and pressure lamps, check out the link below for more information on this hobby, there are interesting links from this website. Best regards from Laurence.


originally posted by Konran

As far as Halloween goes, I have to work so I'm not going to bother dressing up. Last year though I was White Mage. I wanted to see if I could run a face painting table at work (I have a moderate talent with makeup) but with the recent hours cuts we couldn't spare the extra person to cover my normal position. Boo. :frowning_face:

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

I'm dressing up as the basketball commissioner of a church's 4th - 8th grade boys and girls teams…wait, that's not a costume…:smiley:

originally posted by Konran

You know what would be an awesome costume (at least for a female)? Go as a Koriani. Hey Janny, what precisely would one need to pull such a thing off? Purple (lavender?) hooded robe and a crystal… anything else? How, precisely, do the rank indicators work? I am seriously thinking of trying to do this.

Konran - what rank would you be trying to replicate?
The administrative seniors dress one way, the charitable initiates, another…there is also a banner, being a white swan on purple with red and silver borders.

originally posted by Konran

I'm not entirely sure which direction to go in, honestly. :smiley: I thought about trying to do Lirenda's robes since she's very well described but I also thought that just an initiate might be interesting too. (Haha, my husband just suggested I ask you for Morriel's version of the uniform – I don't think I'm quite old enough to pull off that one, lol!) How about the administrative version such as Lirenda and the other seniors wear? I sort of fancy the red stripes.

Morriel: plenty of descriptions of her. Hair pinned up with diamond combs. Fingers jewelled with amethyst and gold. Mantle pins of the same. She'd have an elaborate gown, probably silk or brocade, with embroidery in gold. Nine red bands of rank at the sleeves and (if going out) hood of her over-mantle. Her blouse would be silver or white, with full sleeves and probably jewels or seed pearls. Her girdle would have threadwork, sewn in wardings, and she would carry a purse tied or clipped to her waist, padded, and with pockets for various crystals. Large stones would be carried and brought to her by attendents.

If she was traveling into COMMON company (rare!) outside of a curtained palanquin, she would be veiled in silk gauze, the hem weighted against wind or chance disarrangement with pendent amethysts.

The veil would be pinned back, or trailed down her back, say, in audience with one she considered a near equal (Fellowship, or adept initiate). If she were in judgement, veiled, there are descriptions in Mistwraith and Peril's Gate, when judgment was passed on Elaira and Lirenda.

originally posted by Konran

Yikes, all those jewels! o_O So I've never managed to get clear on this: is the outfit a hooded robe (one piece) or a robe with hooded cloak (two pieces), or from your description here, normal clothes with the cloak over? (This is how I know I've gone too long without a reread. XD)

How about the version worn by the seniors? That might be a little easier in terms of materials.

I'd imagined her hooded cloak was outerwear, over the robe, or formal mantle, not hooded.

The version worn by seniors - less elaborate, fewer jewels, the robe, of course, having far less than nine bands of rank. Red-rankers begin at four stripes. Less than that, (three to one) you'd have the rank bands of silver ribbon, for charitiable service, with those robes plain gray, or at three stripes, a paler shade of lavender, not the heavy deep dye reserved for the topmost tiers.

Elaira's a three band rank - and she did (if I recall) have a violet colored cloak hem showing beneath her plain cloak when she visited Asandir at Enithen Tuer's. (And I AM recalling off the cuff, perhaps wrongly…)

originally posted by Konran

Thanks so much for the info. <3 I probably won't get this done in time for Halloween, but there's always next year (or cons) and I'll be sure to take pictures. (This is going to be my first ever sewing project – eek! Luckily my mom is super good at it so I should be able to enlist her help.)