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Curiosity has got the better of me and I have finally decided to de-lurk. I had to sell most of my books a few years ago so I've been Jannyless for quite some time but have recently discovered the WoLaS series on kindle so am joyfully starting a reread ready for the next instalment.(I am still amazed that I can sit and read a book on my phone!)

My what if question is that if Lysaer had died when sealing the mist-wraithe into to pot in kieling tower would this have effectively stopped the 500years of conflict between the brothers but still have allowed the prophecy to come to fruition when arithon is crowned?

And if so, why didn't the F7 kill him? After all, he gave his consent to do whatever was necessary to defeat the mist wraithe even if it meant his death. Obviously we wouldn't have such an amazing series of books to read if this was the case but I'm curious about everyone else's thoughts.

Janny, I absolutely love your books and I love even more that they don,t fall apart through the detailed discussion that takes place on these boards, in fact it even enriches the reading experience!

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I'm remembering that the F7 need BOTH brothers for the black rose prophecy to come true. Like they needed both to defeat the mistwraith. But I have thought, I confess, murderous thoughts toward Lysaer from time to time! LOL

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Traithe clearly says to Lysaer in FP: "we bring harm to none", Asandir repeats: " our fellowship does not kill".

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Ok that explains it. It is not my opinion that they should kill him anyway, as much as I dislike him at times!

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No, the F7 are not into killing people.

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We would have had a much shorter series of books with a not so happy ending if Lysaer had died in the first book. Arithon would have been king of Rathain, but never Masterbard, being crowned would have destroyed his musical talent. Everything always escapes Rockfell eventually, with only one brother there would have been no way to imprison the wraiths again, without Arithon's musical talent no way to redeem them. Morriel's plans would not have changed, she still would have needed to distract the F7 when she put her plan to extend her life into action. Sethvir had already painted a pretty grim picture of what would have happened, without Arithon's musical talent he would not have been able to save the day. And even if Athera survived all that, Arithon was unlikely to marry and continue the s'Ffalenn line while encumbered with a crown. Once Arithon lived out his life as king mankind still would have ended up breaking the compact eventually and being destroyed by the F7.

And without Lysaer, Davien's plan would never work, and he is never going to be rejoining the F7 till he has his freedom from that compact. Arithon becoming king of Rathain is not part of Davien's plan. He wants an alternative to the compact. When Arithon is eventually willing to embrace kingship, perhaps the alternative will become apparent. The Black Rose Prophecy says nothing about Arithon becoming king, only that he is willing to embrace kingship. And that suspicious little prophecy came in 2 parts, how do we know there was not more that was not given to Dakar.

Dakar gave the West Gate Prophecy, so the sorcerors know to collect the mistraiths bane. Dakar then gives the Black Rose Prophecy when the Sorcorers were debating about whether or not to release Arithon from Kingship. Then just before Arithon is to become king, Dakar gives yet another prophecy that has Arithon running from his own coronation. Seems Dakar's prophecies (the spoken ones he cannot remember)and Davien's plan might have something in common.

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I like your speculations, Annette. Some interesting ideas!

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Thank you Annette that is what I was getting at with my question.

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maybe i shouldnt read this i am only on page 400 the book is really good i like the brothers

Hi victoria ann hettish - welcome here, do be careful not to spoil your read, a LOT happens in the last section of the book!