What to do with manuscripts

originally posted by R’is’n

I found this on Ursula K le Guin's website. The address for the full script: http://www.ursulakleguin.com/AQIFFLA.html


If you are thinking of sending me a manuscript, please, would you think about not sending me a manuscript?

I spend a good bit of time merely acknowledging receipt of MSS. If I read them all and responded in any adequate fashion, I would not write any more MSS of my own.

I am not happy about this. I wish I could read the works people send me with so much good will and trust. I know that that there are treasures among them. I know that these writers are my readers, and wish I could respond in kind. But I am greatly outnumbered!


Please, save me from guilt, hatred, and hysterical manuscriptophobia! If you want to send me something send me a poem. A short one. I will read it. I promise.


What you're asking me to do gratis is a paid, skilled job performed by professional writing consultants, manuscript doctors, and literary agents. Don't ask a working writer to do it unless you're friends.

Thought it was quite informative about what it's like to be a famous writer, and then have to deal with dilemma of having one's own work to do, and lots of requests for reading scripts of hopeful writers. Sobering, in fact.