What the Mist Wraith will do

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Just wondering someing as i reread SoM. Do any of ya think it is possible that the mistwraith will break free perhaps with the help of its friends trying to find its way to it? It has eroded the prison once with arithons knowledge i wonder if it will break free completly as the warhost is brought to F7s front door.

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I think that it was stated somewhere that everything ever imprisoned in Rockfell Pit eventually escaped, so…

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my thought is currently if the mistwarith or its other counter part of another world get to athera while the curse still has sucha strangle hold on lysaer. Does that spell instant doom on the F7? If am not mistaken it will take both princes working in unison to defeat the mist wraith at all.

my last question then would be doesnt it then stand to reason for the F7 to work with lysaer again they would have to let him back into the compact?

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Well, with Arithon having more control over his impulses with the Curse, he might be easier to deal with, but there might still be problems of actual contact with Lysaer:

1. Lysaer has no control, and will likely be throwing light bolts around like a looney, as evidenced in Daon Ramon

2.With that amount of power being hosed around like that, it could set Arithon off, despite his best efforts to master the curse.

3. For Lysaer to be re-admitted to the Compact, I think he would first have to confess that yes, he is INDEED under the effects of a curse. 'fess up to all of his dirty deeds while under the effects of said curse, undergo some sort of cleansing rite for his actions, and figure out how to master the curse's effects as Arithon did. HOWEVER, he does not have Arithon's advantage of magical training or musical talent, so HOW that would be accomplished might be interesting to watch.

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well one point that both arithon and lysaer have stated.

Mage training and ruling a kingdom does not go hand in hand.

i agree that if one follows the life of a mage he should never be nor would make a good leader in most cases. to many possiblities are there to misuse said gift for what the mage may feel is the right corse of action. (arithon being hte exception but then again he has that imborne pesky empathy to keep him in line).

I forsee the f7 having to risk lysaers life to rip that curse out of him or perhaps lysaer will be more willing to accept he is curse driven since his dealings with the blood mages

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G'day everyone, been reading some posts and thought I might throw an idea or so into the works. Would not the son be an extension of the father to some degree. Maybe Kevor will have some latent potential for the manipulation of light energy? Also, back in the 'Curse of…', Lysaer submitted himself initially to the F7; what info may been revealed if viewed back upon through augury?

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Now you got me considering. I do not think that Kevor would have any Potential at all. The gift is uber rare as it is and I do not think it would transfer and stay within the bloodline the way his royal gift of justice does.