What IS the Law of Major Balance? (The Entire Wording..)

originally posted by zenaku

What exactly IS the Law of Major Balance? I know bits of it, like the free will and whatnot…but does anyone actually have a whole definition that i could sink my teeth into? Its been bugging me for a while, so i thought i would post and ask… Even if i am a complete idiot, i will at least have an answer.

Thank you very much.

originally posted by Andy

Well, no one has chimed in, and it's probably because I don't believe the Law of the MB has been completely explained from an academic stand point. Janny would probably be the best to answer this, but if you want her to answer, you first have to ask her directly.

I'm not sure myself, but I think the idea is that every part or aspect of the universe exists naturally in balance with every other part, thing, person, or substance. As long as every aspect stays within the confines of its, his, or her own space or takes no action to affect any other part of the creation, then we are all good – in balance. But if a person or thing takes action or wants to act, then it must necessarily upset the balance – unless it first asks permission to act or intrude upon the rights or space of the other party. You can see why devotion to the concept of genuine, heart-felt permission/free will is antithetical to the ideas of violence, duress or coercion.