What do (crazy) authors do in their spare time?

Put a hawk chick back in the nest, tossed out by gale force gusts…Beer: not recommended! Yeah, I'm a sap for critters in trouble.

Full coverage, thanks to neighbor, Liz Still, and the link page including full story and her pix, thanks to the Gryphon.

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This looks like an entry in the Safety Pic of the Week… :smiley:

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Lucky hawk chick to find someone brave enough to take him home.

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So Janny… is this what the author does when there's been relatively little (or no) activity on the forums lately??? Quick! Save yourself from a dreadful fall and post a teaser! ;^)

Walt: there have been no posts on the forum lately because 1) I've been writing. There's a drafted scene getting the finishing once over before it gets test read, likely later today.

And 2) Because if anyone had a question, they didn't address it to ME directly (I'd answer, if so). :smiley:

This is what the author does when neighbors call in a panic because wildlife is in trouble, and proper rehabbers we know are too slammed with other animal crisis to deal with it. Not sure their volunteers go up trees, anyhow, and that baby would have been food for predators an instant after the parents defending it roosted, at sunset.

Teaser: dreadful, dreadful problem with that: everything written so far is a spoiler. Inevitable with everything in series convergence…I've held off also because Initiate's Trial was not released fully in the USA, yet. And anything for Destiny's Conflict would also ruinously spoil the current release.

So beat me. NO, better, bribe me…or speculate on the next volume and give me the authorial right to smirk and chortle with glee behind your back. :smiley:

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So the youngster must have been already feathered if mum and dad thought him worth defending. What did the parents think of you scooping him up? Were beady black eyes watching with interest as you hauled him home? Pity we have no picture of the little star of the rescue, but I went and investigated what red shouldered hawks look like.

None of my birds tend to worry if I wander off with their nestling's, provided I leave some behind to keep them occupied. Luckily I have no hawks.

I have given up speculating for a while, you are too smart for me Janny. I noticed eventually the most obvious clues to the question that has me picking through books like a starveling chasing crumbs is hidden within King Gestry's defence and what happened shortly after. But even attempting to unravel those clues is beyond me at the moment. My curiosity will eventually get the better of me though, it always does. I feel better I will go chasing clues to see if they lead anywhere.

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Well done on saving the hawk chick, Janny!

Perhaps this could be incorporated somewhere in your next book.

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Quote: "This is what the author does when neighbors call in a panic because wildlife is in trouble, and proper rehabbers we know are too slammed with other animal crisis to deal with it. Not sure their volunteers go up trees, anyhow, and that baby would have been food for predators an instant after the parents defending it roosted, at sunset."

I have saved many a creature in my day…we are linked with nature Janny. I nearly died the other day with a whitetail deer buck…I saw him hit by a car…being pinned under it, he was only hurting himself by trying to win his freedom…the only thing I could do in my power was to help him die…set his soul free…just as Arithon did in Curse of the Mistwraith. YOU taught me how to do this!!! I placed one hand on his neck to calm him, and one on his heart, and I eased him into death. I felt like I died with him…in the end he was calm, and the spot has no residual pain…it was powerful, Janny…all because of your words, I was able to do this.

Janny…you and your Arithon, have been my inspiration for a decade and a half…we have interacted in different ways through the years…you once sent me a signed card that contained your art for the next book. I am known by many names, so I will not even try to tell them all to you, most are based on you anyways, I forgot them all…LOL…I need to tell you your last book arrived on my birthday…was the best birthday gift ever. (Disclaimer…my run on sentences, lack of focus on a subject, and triplicate writing style will drive you nuts!!! ;D)Your words, though fiction, have given me the truth I have always needed…the fictional guidance to faith that I never had the chance to learn from my people/parents/world…you were one of many factors in making me ME. I am beautiful, and you are a huge reason why. Well, more specifically Arithon/Ath/Elaira…all parts of who I am…I lost a son 8 years ago, his name was Davien…that was before he was written by you to be something more than trouble. I named my son, due to my FAITH that you would show Davien to be what I had guessed from book one that he was. Thank you!!! Check out the song Elements, by Lindsey Stirling…she plays the violin like Arithon did in the beginning. A half moon ago, I lost all faith…and I have been on a spiritual journey that started with just cutting my hair to donate to baby birds that were cold…it has spiraled outwards in ever growing ripples…finally I have spiraled large enough to you…I am going to spread my enlightenment to the world if I can…and I needed to thank all that made me who I am today. Thank you Janny. Namaste (Peace), Miigwetch (Ojibwe/Annishinabe/Chippewa word meaning thank you), and I will part with LOVE…as it is the key to all!!!

With LOVE always,
Cheryl "Crow" aka Ali Thiel, aka Cuervo, aka Cheryl "Camaro", aka Tsunamiquay, aka Tygrrseye, aka Tygerheart, aka Cheryl J Mishler (And many other names!!!)

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P.S. I am not Cheryl Strayed…she is another of my muses…my creators…my sisters…

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P.S. I left out WATER…I am water…we are water. Water is the key to solving everything…just like in the movie Dune…trust me, it is what I do, I fix things. Drink only pure water…treat your water sources with reverence/faith/prayer…and perhaps all will slowly start to fall into place. This is less a message for Janny than to all of you reading this…

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Janny…I need you to contact me soon…I am planning a pilgrimage towards your area in late October/early November…it would be a HUGE honor to meet you in a public place, surrounded by people…(we need people for this!!!) I want to show you reverence, and I need to show people how to do RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS…I am on a crusade to cancel out hate with LOVE… Your fame, and my anonymity…if done right…in a crowded shopping mall…could send ripples of HOPE/LOVE/PEACE around the world…will you help me on my crusade, my teacher!!! E-mail me and I will give you a phone number and or address where you can contact me when you are not busy…

Oh, and anyone else wishing to join my crusade…get me on FB…I will accept your FR if you say Paravia in your messages…

I am gonna change the world, but I NEED help getting the ripples started!!!

Love, Namaste, Miigwetch!!!

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A hawk visits my garden bird table, but not for the seed and suet.