What con do you think is best for fantasy lover?

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

Hi Janny, I just wondered what con is best for a fantasy lover in your opinion? I'm thinking of WFC or World con next year. World Con I hear is large too. I'd rather have a smaller con after the size of Dragon Con. I had no idea that one held 20,000 people but it was a lot of fun. Conventions are a lot of fun but it's hard to choose which one to attend. Thanks just thought I'd ask if there was a particular con for fantasy only out there?

Every con is different…depends what you want. Worldcon isn't as large as DragonCon - it draws a wide variety of writers. Not as intimate as Fantasy con, but there will be more variety of panels. No media stars, a dose of costuming…whereas Fantasy con will have no costumes at all…

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

Thanks Janny, I hadn't heard of Fantasy con. I'll look into that one. Dragon con was fun but too large for me. I will try for world con in LA next year. I'd really like to do that. Thanks so much If anyone else knows the cons well let me know what you guys think of them. Thanks

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I think Fantasy con is World Fantasy Convention.

If memory serves, ConDFW is pretty much in your backyard. Janny and Don are the Guests of Honor (Author and Artist respectively). ConDFW takes place at the Radisson Hotel Dallas North in Richardson, TX from February 24-26, 2006.

Then there's Conestoga 10 in Tulsa next July.


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World Con was great fun this year (Glasgow) - it was my first big con. Lots of interesting authors (I lost the ability to speak coherently when I tried to talk to Katherine Kurtz - heaven knows how I would cope meeting Janny!!!) Only thing is it was a bit cliquey at the parties - you have to be prepared to just get in there and chat to random strangers! But the discussion panels were great - and the dealers room was expensive!

On a similar subject - Janny - any chance of being able to buy your artwork at any of these cons?

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there's a glasgow in the US?!?

Sometimes there's a sketch available.

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Yes. From mapquest.com:

Glasgow, KY,
Glasgow, DE,
Glasgow, IA,
Glasgow, IL,
Glasgow, MO,
Glasgow, MT,
Glasgow, PA,
Glasgow, VA,
Glasgow, WV,
Glasgow, AL

And the one in PA is about 100 miles from me. :smiley:


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Get a US map… you can find most UK cities somewhere in the US… there's a London up near the great lakes somewhere… all those people who sailed across the ocean but just couldn't competely sever the ties…

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ConDFW has just gone on my shortlist for holiday destinations next year! I couldn't resist checking the flights and it just might be affordable… :smiley::smiley::smiley: J.

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WorldCon, as you might guess from the name, moves around. This year, it was in Glasgow, SCOTLAND!

Haven't checked to see where it is next year…

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Los Angeles, I believe. Then it's in Japan in 2007.

Meanwhile, World Fantasy this year is in Madison Wisconsin, then next year it's somewhere in Texas.


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Austin is where World Fantasy will be in 2006. I hope to be at that one but if not that one, then LA World Con. Both wouldn't be bad for me but I had to travel alone. Guess I'll have to get over that fear to get to these cons. I was hoping to make a nice vacation in LA and tour everything there too while with hubby. Just wait and see how it works out. Japan in 2007, wow that would be interesting.