Wars of Light and Shadow: A modern opera

originally posted by Matthew

Well here's the new thread, hopefully there's at least one member here who knows how an opera works!

Take it away Angus…

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The cast would be interesting… Pavarotti probably has just the right voice to play Arithon's part - he just does not bear much of a resemblance to our prickly Masterbard/Mage/Master of Shadow

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i was waiting for someone to vote for johnny depp for the part, singing abilities or not :smiley:

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Matthew - you've got your vote! Johnny Depp for Arithon!

originally posted by Blue

Actually, Johnny HAS experience as the front man of his own rock band. How well he sings remains to seen.

Let's just hope we would not get him doing yet ANOTHER degenerate old rocker impersonation for Arithon, though!


originally posted by Angus

No, the Keith Richard schtick has certainly run its course. Thank goodness there are no more movies to come, because now we have to flick past so-called "reality" Pirate shows on tv. Oh brother.

Casting Lysaer might be more difficult than Arithon. Sting can sing, and even act a bit, but he is a bit aged now to play Lysaer. We need a good-looking blonde who can sing.

Sean Bean comes to mind, though he's a bit tougher in his looks than Janny's art depicts the dishy despot (not my opinion, just a little alliteration). I don't know if he can sing, and he might still be plucking out those Uruk'Hai arrows. Man, that had to hurt.

How about Patrick Stewart for Davien?

We could get that guy, whose name escapes me, who plays the large gourmet cook who solves mysterious deaths, to be Luhaine.

Michael Kitchen, if he's dressed up a bit, could be Sethvir.

I am looking for an Asandir, though. I think a respectable baritone for him.

Elaira I am totally lost on. Not a clue.

originally posted by Angus

OH! OH! Helen Mirren for Moriel. SHE'D BE PERFECT!!!

originally posted by Derek Coventry

Sorry Angus, I have to disagree there as I quite fancy Helen; I see her more as the Matriarch of Alestron!

originally posted by Blue

What about Helen Mirren as Maenalle s'Gannley?

originally posted by Angus

Yeah, but Morriel is such a dominant character for so much of the series. The roles you two have suggested are supportive, not lead, no offence to the excellent characters intended. Morriel needs a strong versatile actress. Helen Mirren would be perfect. Plus, she knows how to play a manipulative b-with-an-itch really well.

Helen is so versatile. She'd combine her Elizabeth I (no offence to my Scot ancestors) with Detective Superintendent Jane Tennyson (talk about a tough woman!), twist it all a good bit, and voila! MORRIEL.

Sorry, but I am right about this. I think she's the best casting choice so far. Just watch Prime Suspect for a while, and you'll see what I mean. For my fellow residents of North America, who have eschewed PBS for whatever reason, Prime Suspect is about the toughest, most intelligent police drama to ever come along. Makes NYPD Blue look like the Days of Our Lives (actually, I stopped watching NYPD Blue because it became too much of a soap opera). Helan Mirren, as Jane Tennyson, was about as tough as they get, male or female.

Derek, I quite fancy Helen too. But to be fair to her, don't you know that actors love to play villains? It's way more fun.

BUT… can Helen Mirren sing?

originally posted by Angus

I'd Love to hear Janny's casting choices…


I have no idea…these characters are a little to clearly etched in my mind for another person's shoes to quite fit. (The name of the actor/ess gets mentioned, and I hear the internal YELL from the source, Noooooo, that's not Meeeeee!!!

though don't let that spoil the fun here…it is amusing to hear the internal dialogue, no doubt about it! I get the occasional laugh as the sparks fly. And the occasional (how Could they think That!!!)

I'd have a better take for the casting of Hell's Chasm, honestly.

Oh…I shoulda mentioned - do you Really want to hear Arithon's commentary about having his role played by Johnny Depp?

originally posted by Blue

Barbara Walters: So, Arithon, with regards to the upcoming opera that Janny's fans are planning for you, how do you feel about Johnny Depp playing you?

originally posted by Jo

I'm not sure about Johnny Depp for Arithon. Quite like Orlando Bloom for the part.

originally posted by Sundancer

Oh Janny! yes please! Arithon's comments on Johnny Depp would have me rolling on the floor!

How can you ever compare Arithon with the sort of rascal character like Jack Sparrow? Even Lysaer could see the difference, but probably from a different direction

originally posted by Angus

In defence of Johnny Depp, I submit that he is a little more versatile than the Jack Sparrow character. He has played, from tv to film, an undercover cop, a delusional homicidal murder writer, a great lover, and a playwright to name a few. Oh, and yes, also a pirate.

I believe that the suggestion of Johnny Depp was due to his acting ability (check out his non-pirate movies), and due to his dark hair and slight features (remind you of anyone?).

originally posted by Angus

Okay, instead of Johnny Depp, what about Ioan Griffudd (I know I spelled that wrong! pronounced Owen Griffith) of the Horatio Hornblower series, a bit-part in that fatuous and insipid "Titanic" movie (which was anything but a Titanic waste of time), and in the recent movie "Amazing Grace".

He looks the part, and he has experience on ships…BUT CAN HE SING!!!

originally posted by motley

Why not just have unknown actors…

originally posted by Angus

Okay, I'll bite…

Because I don't know them?

I think the fun of this is imagining who might "fit" in with a given character.

Janny has to be excluded though. She knows the characters too well, so that no actor could really suit the character.

There was a previous thread on casting that I looked at today. The guy that Blue proposed for Dakar - Friar Tuck from "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" (what idiot ever decided to cast Kevin Costner for Robin Hood should have been, like in Hitchhiker's Guide, the first person to be lined up and shot when the revolution came)- is brilliant! AND HE CAN SING DRINKING SONGS!!! AND HE LOVES BEER!!! I forget his name though, so I guess he's relatively unknown. There you go, Motley.