Warhost of Vastmark

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

My encounter with "Warhost of Vastmark" was with a Volume 3 (of WoLaS) copy which is separate from Volume 2, Ships of Merior. It gives me pause to discover that at one point, Volumes 2 and 3 were published in a single volume of over nine hundred pages.

And I don't want to write a spoiler here, so I will phrase this carefully.
The opening chapter of "Warhost of Vastmark" is vitally relevant to the opening few chapters of "Initiate's Trial," which is WoLaS 's volume 9. For me this is significant, because Volume 9 was the first WoLaS book I encountered, and I have had to read the series books out of sequence.

So I, for one, wholeheartedly support Volume 3, "Warhost of Vastmark," as a volume separate in its own right from the other volumes in Arc 2 of WoLaS. It pleases me greatly to see "Warhost" 's opening scenes as a point of departure, not just for this book in the saga, but as a point which will be referenced from the future, many books later.

originally posted by Annette

Ships of Merior and Warhost were split up for the paperback editions, but were still published as one book for the hardcover editions. That confused me a bit when trying to get the hard covers after starting the series a bit late. There is no hardcover version of Warhost of Vastmark, just one very BIG Ships of Merior.

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

Warhost of Vastmark had a UK edition in hardcover.
I just got my hands on a secondhand copy thereof.
True, it is out of print at this point.

HarperCollins is the publisher. Date 1995.
The cover art features the raven and the sword with a bright red ribbon.
384 pages.

By WoLaS/Janny Wurts standards, a book under four hundred pages is a smaller book.
That's fine: W of V is one of my favorite books in the entire series.

Volume 9, Initiate's Trial, has so great a jump forward in time,
that Alestron and its brothers S'Brydion are only a memory.
The brothers are alive and kicking, HARD, in this book.

Also fascinating to watch Dakar slowly coming to grips with a situation that is deeper-rooted, and will require more maturity of him, than he suspects.
People get fed up with Dakar when they read the earlier WoLaS volumes. Cut the fellow some slack.
Dakar does one or two rather important things in Book 9. He just takes a while to get there.

originally posted by Annette

Thanks for that Melanie, interesting UK had both arc 2 books as separate hardcovers. My Ships of Merior hardback is Harper Prism, a USA imprint of Harper Collins, at 917 pages, and very heavy, covers the full arc 2. It has the very nice cover art showing Arithon with a bow at the Havens. I do have the Raven and sword image on an old paperback, but my favorite covers were the portrait ones. Still waiting to see the artwork finally showing us Elaira, that would have I believe appeared on Song of the Mysteries, if they were still doing those type of covers. Be very interesting to see what Elaira is wearing. It should not be a spoiler after we read Destiny's Conflict.

I am still hoping one day to have a full set of hardback, portrait style covers sitting on the shelf, even if Harper Collins never actually released them that way. I can come up with an extra (full size) hardback for Stormed Fortress, if Janny does some nice covers for the last 4 books in the WoLaS series. :smiley:

originally posted by Judy

I've had a set of any hardcovers on my Christmas list for … as many years as it's been since I discovered WoLaS … just trying to get a complete set. My relatives say it's very tough to find them - those that have apparently don't want to sell.

Janny, what method of communication would be most effective with HarperCollins to convince them to issue a complete set of the series in hardcover, either now with Destiny's Conflict or next release with Song of the Mysteries?

Hi Judy,

Best argument I know of that would move HarperCollins is sheer, straight numbers. More readers, faster sales…not only would they move on it, we'd likely get offers for 'special editions' from small press. Reader buzz is the most effective promotion, bar none, so it doesn't take money, only bucket loads of enthusiasm where it can be shared and seen.

For your hardcover dilemma, maybe I can help you out. I bought new copies in overstock, back in the day…I've got them in complete sets (US hardback) from Mistwraith up to Traitor's Knot, all totally perfect new books. Only problem is, I have to sell them as SETS, or I'd have mixed matched leftovers. Advantage is, you'd get them signed. If you are interested, e mail me direct, and let me know how far I'd need to ship them.

I had a fight on my hands keeping Destiny's Conflict in hardbound - so ORDER NOW!!! They are likely only doing it for collectors/preorder is the only guarantee you'll acquire one.

originally posted by Annette

I would love to have hardcover special editions for the last 4 books in the series. That Meisha Merlin edition of Traitor's Knot was very nice. I honestly thought Harper Collins were not going to release a hardback version of Destiny's Conflict, they were so late revealing details on it.

I still consider Harper Collins owes the WoLaS fans a hardback version of Stormed Fortress. I have the BCA edition of Stormed Fortress, which is a bit small when compared to all the other hardbacks, but better than nothing.

originally posted by Annette

I am in the slow process of rearranging my book room, but while I have the space on the shelves, a blurry look at my WoLaS books, showing of the hardbacks. http://imgur.com/a/7Ciqw

And showing that little mini BCA Stormed Fortress hardback. I actually have a BCA Grand Conspiracy as well, which is not in the photo.

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

Janny has hardcover sets. NOW she tells me.

Tell you what. I'm going to think about this for a month or so, about the complete set I mean. Janny has to go do DragonCon, I'm traveling to the Southwest US myself at the same time.

Between now and the return home, some thought will go into purchasing a complete hardcover WoLaS set from Janny. Presently I have only a few of the series titles; those can be donated to local libraries. IF I order a complete set.

Sometime past the beginning of September, if I decide in favor of a complete set, I'll send a direct e-mail to Janny about placing an order.

originally posted by Annette

Janny usually has the hardcovers with her, at Dragon Con. :smiley:

BCA are no longer around, so you would have to hunt around for their little hardcover version of Stormed Fortress. Because they were sold so cheap, they could still turn up. At the time I had to get a friend to order mine and post it out, they would not take orders outside of the UK.

originally posted by Dale E Akula

Hi - Not sure if I am posting this in the correct place, so if not, please would someone direct me to the appropriate place here to do so? I have hardcovers 1st ed, 1st printing by Harper Collins/Voyager (UK) on all of the War of Light & Shadow series except one - Stormed Fortress. At the time I bought a TPB and now cannot locate a full sized Hardcover copy of Stormed Fortress anywhere. Was it released HC? If so, where do I look to get one please? I've tried Abebooks, ISBN search looking for sellers and nothing - everything is softcover. Any suggestions would be helpful. I definitely regret not looking at the time of release for an HC!

originally posted by Sleo

There was never a hardcover of this one. I was lucky enough to find a trade paperback.

originally posted by Dale E Akula

Thank you Sleo! I wasn't certain if that was correct, or not. I'm in NZ and it is becoming impossible to buy Janny's books over here until they are released mass market paperback. I have bought most of my HCs of Janny's books online and had them shipped over. It's very frustrating. This time, I bought 2 copies of Destiny's Conflict - 1 for reading and the other for collecting, simply because none of the bookstores here had it on offer in any shape or form when I looked, and the mass market PB costs around the same price in NZ as what it costs me to get the HC shipped in (bizarre). HCs of Janny's stopped being available in NZ after Peril's Gate.

originally posted by Sleo

It’s frustrating, even here in the US. SF is one of the best!