War of Light and Shadows Roleplaying

originally posted by Stephen Mulligan


Has anyone run an RPG based on the series and if so, how did the game go? What system did you use and how did you fit into the series?


Hi Stephen Mulligan - welcome here!

Nobody has bought the (commercial) rights to do this. Cool if it happened…

originally posted by BillBob

I've been working on using Paravia/Athera as the homeworld for my "non commercial" campaign setting for my gaming group. I've been tinkering with it off and on for several years. I started with d20 D&D and now have pretty much moved it to Pathfinder with material culled from various third party sources from both D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder third party sources to try to achieve even 1% of the feel of the world that Janny has so lovingly created.

I have a 40 page Campaign Setting guide that I have written thus far and so far the members of my gaming group that I've shared it with, are ready to play in it.

As far as where in the series it's set, at least this particular campaign, I have it envisioned somewhere in the Alliance of Light years I think. I haven't read the series front to back since before Traitor's Knot came out so am a little rusty on the events, but definitely after the Mistwraith has been locked away.

Do I think I have achieved a feel for the world? A bit, but it is a very complex ecosystem to try to replicate.

My name on most of the forum boards that I frequent is Sethvir or Asandir. Not this one though! :smiley:

originally posted by Stephen Mulligan

D20 was the system that I had in mind when I started thinking about the setting. The combination of skills and feats (and classes) makes it possible to attempt to replicate the types of characters from the setting.

BillBob, had any of your players read the series? Was it difficult to get the history and details across? None of my group read too much…it's a problem with some games!

Janny, thanks for the welcome. I'm enjoying the series immensely.


originally posted by BillBob

Hey Stephen,

I have enjoyed the series immensely as well, hence my interest in sharing it through roleplaying with my gaming group.

None of the players have read the series that I know of. D20/3.5/Pathfinder is the only system I play, so there was really no other choice for me for systems.

I haven't started running the campaign as yet, it's still in the design phase at this point, for what source books are allowed and how things work in the setting, all using delivered D20/Pathfinder related materials. I'm perpetually looking at different rule supplements to see if I can use bits and pieces and build it into a cohesive whole. If you're interested I can share what I have culled to date from various supplements. Not sure how much history I will pull in for it or it will be more of a backdrop than anything else. Don't know for certain yet.

My group reads alot and all extremely intelligent. One law professor, one software programmer, two software analysts one of whom did playtesting with Wizards on 3.0 and has an almost edict memory for game rules and couple of other folks as well that are all extremely bright, such that I sometimes feel like the slouch in the group.

originally posted by Stephen Mulligan

Id love to read what you've put together.

My group tends to read after we play. One of my players started reading The Dark Tower after I ran a Deadlands game inspired by it

originally posted by BillBob

I will send to you offline. It is very much a work in progress. I've tried to leave the bulk of the D&D/Pathfinder rules intact and then just add the other elements, layering on the differences on top of the core rules engine. Still not sure how I am going to handle the non-human races that come as part of Pathfinder.

The other piece to note about the document is that it also contains other rules that "fix" certain elements I don't like in the core rules that aren't necessarily reflective of the world.

There are also elements I have not yet tackled for my "World Guide" that fleshes out some of the other organizations. Things that the player's don't necessarily need to see at first. On the other hand, there is no way that I have the RPG design skills or the desire to sit down and write something like what was done with the Thieves' World material by Green Ronin.

I'd welcome feedback offline on what I've done thus far as well as any suggestions you have for further development.