Wanted to say hi to everyone.

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Hello all DarthJazy here

I have been gone for over a year and wanted to say hi too all of you. I am now living in Kingman and am engaged to a new woman to be married. its been a strange year to say the least. I am back and trying to read my way through all the posts I have missed.

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Oh wow, great seeing you again - welcome back!

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Yo, DJ. It's been a while. Last I recall, you had just received SF.

Now all we can talk about is the re-release of the series and the upcoming Sword of the Canon: Initiate's Trial. Good to hear from you again.

originally posted by DarthJazy

yes and i have read it twice total what a book. ok as i dont have all that much time to read through all the archives are their release dates yet?

originally posted by Lisa

No release date for the new book yet as it isnt finished but there are a few sneak previews up. I think they're under the initiates trial topic.

Good to see you back!

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Aye, DJ; welcome back!

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Hi DJ!

originally posted by DarthJazy

thank you all for the warm welcome and thank you janny for being you and such a great author