Vision of Arithon and a Unicorn

originally posted by Silvia Hemmings

If the unicorn wasn't actually ATTACKING Arithon, but merely trying to free him on the curse, then Alithiel's wards would have remained quiescent. The sword only lights up when the defending cause is just, and if the Paravian was doing something to help Arithon there would be no need for defence, just or otherwise. I think the unicorn goes to attack him, the wards light up and the beasty realises it shouldn't hurt him and only deals him a glancing blow. Or it does kill him/ maim him, but hey, these are Paravians - I imagine they can heal mortal wounds and the like.
I have a question, sorry if it's been asked already: if Ath's Priesty type people (Adepts? -Haven't read the books for ages, just restarted Mistwraith in preparation for December - oh the suspense!) could have got rid of Lysaer's curse by dunking him in the fountain, why doesn't Arithon pay them a visit and make his life a lot easier?

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I'm pretty sure the cure is a one-way trip to Athliera. Not quite an acceptable trip for Arithon.

originally posted by skeoke


Jieret's Sight falls more into the catagory of Dakar's waking vision

Whew! I'm glad I found this. As I continue my pre-TK re-read, dread of Jieret's vision keeps trying to sap my will to read the next book(s). And I have to keep reading!

I'm just at Mearn's meeting with Lady Talith. Was Jieret's augury related to the debacle at Riverton? Or was it still winter?

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Riverton! But the execution there wasn't for Arithon. Didn't Jieret see an execution OF ARITHON under town trappings of state in high summer?
We might have thought it was talking about the Koriani trap with Fionn Areth in GC, but that was in midwinter. That leads one to think that Jieret's augury of an execution has not yet been played out. It's funny, because this means his visions don't show occurances in consecutive order. You'll recall Jieret later had a vision of Arithon fleeing into Kewar, something which happened relatively soon after: at least in the next book in the series. This, while his earlier vision is still left hanging. Makes things more interesting in my humble opinion. There's so much to keep track of.

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Sefi ~

I was thinking that IF Arithon had been cornered in Riverton, AND Lysaer had actually been there for an execution…

I forgot that Lysaer had sailed for Corith.

Anyway, the timing is off. Riverton is early Spring, and Jieret's augury was high Summer.

400 odd years to go to see if it'll actually come to pass.

So far, I haven't seen a clan-born augury fail to come to pass, though Arithon tried with all his might to avert them at Tal Quorin.

At least nobody has Seen a ritual burning.

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True, true, fair points all of them. Though now that Arithon's out of Kewar, and in recovered mastery of his talents, he could put the fire out with shadow and not require Dakar's help (not to mention the backlash that followed). Fionn Areth would be the one to fear for, since he has no such safeguards.

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Thanks. Hadn't considered that.

(Have I mentioned that the character I most resemble is Dakar? As in "memory as holed as a seive".)

If Arithon's shadows can withstand Khadrim fire, it's a good bet they can withstand a wood fire. Even if the fire has sorcerous backing.

So, no worries. Arithon'll be just fine. :wink:

originally posted by Sefi

Which is lucky for us.

(LOL) Dakar? Poor you! I wince just READING about him. Funny thing is, he did have a good excuse for being miserable all the time, if not for being vicious. He's almost like commic relief!

originally posted by James A. Messick

YOu know there is a possibility that if arithon is executed but not dismembered or burned that he might not really be dead. He mentioned something in one of the books about the fact that the 500 year thingy could possibly keep him alive through a deathblow if he's not burned or quartered. I found that interesting especially since it goes and makes him something Like fellowship sorceror's in my mind… Sort of like the drake bindings.

originally posted by Blue

Arithon told Parrien s'Brydion in GC. Did Parrien ask, so that he would know what to do if he were able to get his hands on Lysaer to kill him?

originally posted by Hunter

As mage trained, would Arithon be able to survive the physical death of his body as a shade, a la Kharadmon and Luhaine?

originally posted by skeoke

How much has he learned from Davien?

originally posted by Andy

I think Arithon has a long way to go before he approaches the magnitude of consciousness and raw power possessed by the Fellowship Sorcerors. The two discorporate F7 may be that way as a result of the dragons' binding, their incomparable knowledge of self and devotion to the Law of the Major Balance, or both.

originally posted by Hunter

I agree with your comments Andy, however if Jieret can achieve this with his latent mage talent that Arithon ennabled in Daon Ramon, I would have thought Arithon could achieve this.

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Arithon does not have the same level and he is also likely to adhere to similar restraints such as respecting the LotMB.

However he is not "bound" by drakes and practices elemental mastery. So passing the wheel is possible for him; not for F7…

This might give him an edge against the F7 if ever their views disagree…but so far his goals and philosophy are close to F7…he's on their side so to speak…he was not impressed by their interference in TK however. Could there ever be a conflict?

The F7 consider elemental mastery an "unwise" approach…curiously we have not yet seen any ill effects on neither L or A for practicing elemental stuff nor on Athera…so where is the downside I wonder? Fear generated in the public?

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I'm thinking this discussion is probably better held in the TK Spoiler topic…

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Hi there.
I just read silvia's post about a unicorn attacking Arithon and i have no idea what she is talking about! I have read all the books a couple of times and i don't remember anything about a unicorn.
Can anyone explain this please?
I'd hate to think i missed something like that.

originally posted by Andy

I re-read last summer after TK, but it amazes me how fast the details flee from my memory. I don't remember the book, or the place, and I'm not even that certain of the circumstances, but somebody (Elaira, I think) had a vision of a unicorn charging toward Arithon, with its long, sharp, horn lowered and pointed right at Arithon's chest, giving the viewer the distinct impression (rightly or wrongly) that Arithon was about to skewered intentionally by a Paravian.

originally posted by Neil

I'm fairly certain it was Dakar that (fore)saw this…he was trying to seek a way forward in Fugitive Prince? (whilst they're still away from paravia).

Elaira has met a unicorn in a grove. Another unicorn was "seen" all the way back in COTM when the sunlight came back…apart from that all we're seen is unicorn paravian ghosts…

originally posted by Blue

Give Neil a Kewpie doll - it was indeed Dakar who had the vision of a unicorn skewering Arithon in a vision in FP.

He had gone ashore on Kathtairr [sp?], and was trying to help Arithon, who was still mage-blinded, figure out what to do next. Unfortunately, the augury slipped his control, and the vision of the unicorn attacking Arithon was one of the things he saw.