Verrain's story

To Hellcat, if you are still subscribed:

and to all in general, I have been a very busy bee. Verrain's story - a novella, is up to 96 manuscript pages, with only the finale scene yet to go. I expect to finish the draft in the next day or so.

Then polish and decide whether to submit it, whether to send it out to become part of a boxed set offering, or whether to post it up on the Paravia site straight away.

The title is The Gallant, and there is LOADS of fun insight into Atheran back history, pre-rising, and before the Mistwraith's conquest.

In case you're worried: yes, I am still working hard on Song of the Mysteries…I had a few decisions regarding presentation to resolve; and this story has been hanging fire, two thirds done, for literally YEARS. I felt it was time to polish it off, and the ideas (about how I wanted to present the ending) finally decided to co-operate with the muse.

So you will have another slice of Athera to play with while you endure the wait for the final volume.

Watch this space.

originally posted by Auna

Great news! I selfishly want it right away, but do what works best for you!

originally posted by Annette

Looking forward to getting to read it one day.

I have a completed draft on this one - will be taking my time polishing it off, though, since the main focus must be Song of the Mysteries.

originally posted by Jeff

I'll enjoy another back story. I can't imagine what will be revealed!

originally posted by Dorothy

Ah, Verrain,how I have missed you!

originally posted by Alissa

I love the back stories! Can't wait :D:D:D

This is standing at 108 manuscript pages, in draft.

I am messing with 'chapter' breaks for it.

Would you rather LONG segments, or short ones???

Never done a mid length work like this before. Who's familiar from other platforms?

originally posted by Annette

Long segments would be fine by me.

originally posted by Htet Htet Aung

length doesn't really matter much. Whatever length works.

originally posted by Xepheus Shazar

Personally, I think you should use whatever length of "chapter" or "segment" works for the book itself, i.e. whichever style of break reflects or reinforces the effect/message you are attempting to convey to your readers. Hope that is of some use to you, Janny.

originally posted by Auna

I doubt epic fantasy readers care about chapter length as long as the cutoffs make sense. Shorter chapters can make the pacing feel faster and I know that technique is used by some newer thriller writers. Go with what feels best.

Didn't know that, re, how thriller writers are doing it - helpful to know, thanks for posting this.

originally posted by Auna

You can check out the Look Inside on Amazon for any of Lee Child's Jack Reacher books to see how short his chapters are. And that's for full length novels.

originally posted by Alissa

I usually prefer longer chapters, or at any rate not too short ones, if the story is complex it feels more fragmented to me than fast paced. Then of course it depends on the number of PoVs.
I agree with Xepheus Shazar on this.

Verrain's story is titled The Gallant. It is roughly 38000 words long…I am doing the final cross check read over for entry errors, then spell check and off to proof read tomorrow.

A pet project i've had on slow burn for a decade finally getting finished off.

You'll have it to read, very soon.

originally posted by Hunter

Can't wait!

originally posted by Alissa

Great news! Thank you Janny, so looking forward to it!!

originally posted by Laneth Sffarlenn

This is so very exciting! So exciting in fact, it’s drawn me out of my years-long hibernation! :3

Story's gone out for proofing - it will be published first as part of a boxed set, release date at the end of this month - more detail to follow.