Unvanquished Towns...

originally posted by Walt

Alright folks, please help me out!

We have Unvanquished Town number one: Alestron. Technically, with the end of Stormed Fortress, Alestron wasn't conquered but placed under Fellowship Seal.

We have Unvanquished Town number two: Ettimere Settlement. If I'm reading the maps correctly, Ettimere is in Havish, which could explain its continued existence now that Havish has returned to crown rule. The fact that Eldir's line survived (in hiding) makes me believe that Ettimere took a different path than Alestron. Its location in far eastern Havish tucked in the Storelain Mountains probably helped its survival.

Then we come to my latest find, Unvanquished Town number three: Garde. I found this gem whilst pursuing my latest re-read of Traitor's Knot. Once again, I fell in love with all the close-up maps… which precipitated the discovering of Garde on the east coast of the West Shand penisula. Garde is located about 25 leagues south of Vhalzein.

A question was asked once about Garde, but in the excitement of other news at the time, there was never a response. Any insight or speculation? It seems to me that Garde has the potential of being an important town since it is the terminus of the main road out of Waterfork and Mornos on the west coast.


originally posted by Annette

I like the look of the map, but it is not the easiest thing to read. I studied a nice big version for ages before settling on Jarde and Ettinmere Settlement as the names, but I might be wrong.

I think Ettinmere Settlement might have avoided involvement altogether in the rebellion because of its isolation, or maybe the townsmen never even realised it was there.

No idea about Jarde, perhaps there was no clan presence so no fighting. Or maybe there were no townsmen there so no fighting, I have an idea we might be waiting a while to find out.