Unbound Oath

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I don't know whether this has been brought up before; I gave a cursory glance through the threads and didn't see it.

On a re-read of PG, I found a phrase of interest. In the first paragraph on p. 261, Janny wrote, "…tearful confession that spellcraft and music have unbound his oath to the Light…".

I don't know if it is of any significance, and it's possible I'm taking the word oath too seriously, but doesn't this give overtones of a means to break Elaira's Koriani Oath?

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Which edition of the book? US or UK? Hardcover or paperback? If UK paperback, trade or mass market? :smiley:


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Apologies for the lack of clarity, and thank you for the welcome!

That would be page 261 of the US Hardcover.

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Ahhhh, I see. The line is in reference to Jeriayish. I suspect that his 'oath to the Light' is not as binding as, say, Elaira's oath to the sisterhood as hers is bound through Skyron Aquamarine. However, we really don't know what form Jeriayish's oath took, so it is possible and it's an interesting though given that Arithon setup some interesting problems for Lirenda through her crystal.

However, we've been given to know that to 'break' her Oath to the sisterhood, Elaira need only ask the F7 and it will be done. But she has to know that she can ask, and there in lies the rub.


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Agreed - Elaira's vow is over the Skyron crystal which is binding. Jeriayish's "vow" is to support the cause of the Light. His vow was broken when he was deluged by his direct contact with the prime source - and he found out that the magecraft that the Light reviled was one and the same as this prime source so the entire religion of Light was a fraud.

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Or maybe Jeriayish got into "religion" for the temporal power that it afforded him, or he truly believed at some point that Lysaer was actually divine. Touching the "real thing" when he had no previous experience drove him mad - in Greek mythology, the mortals who encountered the gods in close proximity were driven insane by touching something that was too great for mortals to handle.

That seems to be a parallel with the Paravians and the Townies - the townies are unable to handle Paravian presence, while the Clansmen and Clanswomen, somehow, are able.

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the Clansmen and Clanswomen, somehow, are able

But only for short amounts of time. Even the clansfolk can't withstand them for extended periods. I can't remember the actual numbers, but I posted awhile back the weird thing of exactly how many Teir s'Fallen's there have been between Torbrand and Arithon, which didn't in any real measure match the years between. It was pointed out to me that the high kings would have had a lot of dealings with the Paravians, and turnover amongst them would have been very large.



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I think we worked out that the mean length of reign of a High King was four years. There's also comments in GC and PG to the effective that clansmen\royalty suffreing from witnessning the beauty of Paravian grace.

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Looks like King Eldir is setting some kind of a record.

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yeah, but he doesn't haave the burden of dealing with the Paravians, just the AOL in Tysan, the clansmen, townsmen, a potential famine and so on…

On a different thought, to provide the (approx) six High Kings \Queens required per generation the Royal lines must have been at it like rabbits!


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Angora/Anyone - which chapter is that?

quote: On a re-read of PG, I found a phrase of interest. In the first paragraph on p. 261, Janny wrote, "…tearful confession that spellcraft and music have unbound his oath to the Light…".

I couldn't find it during a quick look this weekend…I have the UK edition so a chapter would be useful. Presumably the one where the Centaur meets Lysaer(?)

Hellcat, he he. I had this though a while back on the necessary "population" to keep the kings going. "Compassion"? Ha! The F7 should have augmented "passion" :wink: I suppose Janny probably did the math somewhere along the way…

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It isn't actually in a chapter. It's in one of the pre-chapter forewords (what are those called, btw?). Its the first paragraph under the title 'Commitments', right before Chapter VIII. Evasion.

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It's just a brief blurb after Arithon uses his Paravian sword to sing his caithdein back from where he was drifting lost in the chaos resulting from newly opened mage senses. Arithon's song of love and grief if his friend died was causing the clansmen around him to weep, so it's no wonder someone non clan who got swept into the music would break down, especially with the Paravian song element of the sword tossed in. I got the impression it was similar to experiencing a Paravian in person, and that's why Jeriayish broke down.