UK Reissues / Avalibilty

originally posted by Stephen Mulligan


Is the series currently available as a print release in the UK?

I ask cos I can't find them in any bookshop here and get very strange looks from the staff when I ask…

Stephen, if you can't find the books on the shelf, ORDER THEM - and thank you, yes, it matters you're asking.

I understand it's more and more difficult for publishers in the UK to get book sellers there to keep back-list titles on the shelf. Demand rules - and your persistence plays an extremely important role - I thank you for your enthusiasm, aware as I am that quite likely, you already have purchased your copies!

All I can do is keep writing solid books - it's always a lift when readers like you are willing to speak out to help others to find them.

originally posted by Annette

If none of the local bookshops will order them in has all the books and have free postage. Ignore the cover they have for Ships of Merior, it is the new cover version they will send out.