UK Paperback

originally posted by Mark Timmony

I am pleased to announce (to those who wish to know) that TK is now out in PB format in Australia and the UK.


For those US readers collecting the series in mass market - the UK & Australian versions are the ONLY mass market editions planned for at this moment.

In the USA, we are slated for hardbound and trade paperback only, at this time.

originally posted by Julie

Oh no! Any chance this will change??
Julie in Canada

No please about it. There is no plan in place.

If a plan does get in place, it will involve no "returns" - the industry practice of "stripping" the covers, chucking the book in the landfill, and returning the cover to the publisher for a full refund. If there's a way to make this happen without following the butt end of the elephant, we'll see.

Mass market paperback IS available from Britain.