UK., and USA., Editions.

originally posted by Laurence Jeffrey Johnson

Hello Janny, you may have been asked this before. Are there any differences between the UK., editions of your books and the USA., editions other than the artwork? Skol from Laurence.

In some cases, not much, beyond spelling style. The covers sometimes differ, and the placement of the maps.

In the case of To Ride Hell's Chasm and the edition of Traitor's Knot, about to come out - the US version has some fancy additions.

Different cover.
Full cloth binding, library quality construction.
Full color frontispiece (in the hardback)

For Traitor's Knot, enlarged sections of the map or a drawing at the chapter heads, and an appendix that details some historical basis for the systems of law and governance with regard to charter towns and the free wilds, details on clan inheritance, and crown succession.

originally posted by Laurence Jeffrey Johnson

Hello Janny, thanks for the information. I recently obtained a copy of That Way Lies Camelot, I have read the Wayfinder and enjoyed it. Skol from Laurence.

originally posted by Cheryl

I like both types of books but I prefer the US since I'm use to the spelling and artwork here. I love Janny's artwork in the US covers. A picture of Arithon I have to own. lol But sometimes I can't wait for the US version and get the UK version. Nice to have a choice between the two.

originally posted by Tamas

"an appendix that details some historical basis for the systems of law and governance with regard to charter towns and the free wilds, details on clan inheritance, and crown succession"

Janny - any chance of being able to get that in the UK? Now, it is I that feel jealous.

Tamas -

That's a yes.

you can order it from and I'm sure they'll ship…or, you could order it direct from Circle Books and have it signed, or you could order it direct from Meisha Merlin, and get the color matching book plate.

originally posted by Cheryl

How do you order from Circle Books? I don't know the link to them? Thanks it's a tough decision. I want the bookplate too. I'm greedy lol I think I'll order it from Meisha Merlin. Need to get there now to order. Thanks.

originally posted by Sandtiger

Hmm. Maybe I should go for Circle - I've gotten the last few from them…great folks there.

Of course, since I'm the one who mentioned it to Bakka, I feel a bit oblidged to get it from them…



originally posted by Jessica Rischbieter


I Have a question for you. Have you considered also releasing your books in digital format. I buy a lot of books in paper and digital, especially Raymond E. Feist's stuff, so that I can have it with me on my palmpilot at all times. Which in many circumstances I have so much stuff in my briefcase, purse, and or diaper bag that I can't afford the extra weight of a paperback, but I love having a library at my fingertips. Anyway just a thought – I love your books, and reread them so often I find myself wishing on an almost daily basis that I could buy digital forms for my little palm pilot library.

Thank you!

originally posted by Janny Wurts (Unregistered Guest)

Jessica - there are no digital forms yet, though To Ride Hell's Chasm is available as an e book.

If this changes, there will, of course, be an announcement on this site.

originally posted by Jessica Rischbieter

Thanks, Janny! And I'll look for 'To Ride Hell's Chasm'.

Have a great day!

originally posted by Sandtiger


To Ride Hell's Chasm is available from Embiid( their e-book reader is compatible with Palms.

Sandtiger ::Who went through Embiid to get the Miller and Lee Liaden chapbooks which aren't available in stores::

originally posted by Jessica Rischbieter

Thank you, that's exactly what I'm looking for. I truly appreciate your help, Sandtiger.


Thanks, Sandtiger - wondering if we ought ask the Gryphon to put a link to Embid on the site? (Janny, scrambling to find a few mutton chunks)

originally posted by Angela Bawden

Janny, I'm sure you know, but I just found out that all of the books for the series of "The Wars of Light and Shadow" (ALL of them!) are out of print! Any idea on if this will be changing or not?

Angela - EVERY one of the series is in print from HarperCollins in London - do support their effort.

There is a strategy for restoring a US printing - believe it or not, all of the series being out of print is GOOD news for that effort. Means we can (finally!!!) think about targeting for a new beginning. It's been a horrendous long wait, soon to end, to at least have the grounds to begin again.

I have no idea how long the wait will be. If the books do well, and the numbers rise overseas - somebody -could- even come knocking. Therefore, DO send people to buy the London editions! That house is also are supporting the series at the moment - I am writing Initiate's Trial under London's contract. :smiley:

originally posted by Blue

If the US editions are out of print, and you find someone wise enough to publish all of them again…

Would the US editions get new covers? :smiley:

Yes, I am a nutcase who LOVES the pics of Arithon. I think he'd make a terrific centerfold.

And yes, I am a meanie who would chain you to your easel with your paints and your cutie pie muse!

originally posted by Angela Bawden

That's good to know! and I will spread the word about buying from the UK sellers. good luck to you! :smiley:

originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Hello Janny, instead of getting the series reprinted, perhaps you could get them released in unabridged audio book format.

Would that format be more cost effective?

Skol from Laurence who still resides within the 60th degree of latitude.

Hi Laurence - what does it cost to pay the actomg talent to do the reading, and hours of recording studio time? Don't think that degree of production comes cheap…of course, I'd jump at the chance if we had an offer on the table!