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Spoiler ahoy! Maybe…

In the UK trade paperback version, subchapter [?] Obligations, on page 124, there is a reference there to Sulfin Evend being the son of the Mayor of Havish.

Shouldn't that be the son of Lord Mayor Garde of Hanshire?

Blue - ouch. Thanks!!! I'll be able to correct this for the mass market.

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Bah Blue you stole my thunder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if I should put this here but I will anyway, just hope it gets noticed. :smiley:

Janny, I'm not sure why this is (or I'm just unlucky) but both copies that I have of Curse of the Mistwraith are missing the key for the map. This is in the new cover vers. (and old)of the UK vers. Both appear to have the pictures for the key but no explanations. I had thought at first that it was simply a mistake with my original copy (it was bought as a potential copy with mistakes from a bookseller that tended to sell 'off-cuts' if you will). However the new vers. also has this problem. So, I'm not certain if it's just me or, the key's gone walkabout.

Aria - the map I delivered to the UK was complete in all respects but required typesetting for the key (so it would fit, and be legible). Sometimes, though the page of type to be "set" was clipped to this, it got lost or left out. It's an oversight.

I'll try to get it corrected. It's BEEN corrected, several times, in other editions…but somehow?
Thanks for mentioning.