Twitter invasion

For all you texters - Paravia has a presence on Twitter, now - follow me at JannyWurts to catch the latest updates. And let me know you're there.

originally posted by Theresa

Awesome. :smiley: I can be found under iskandariya (not that I post much or anything… mostly about the insane kitten…).

originally posted by starstorm

Very cool! I just added you to my Follow list.


originally posted by Sam Hogg

Yay… this is awesome news. One thing was odd, I couldn't actually find your account by posting JannyWurts into the search bar. Had to find it through Theresa's account! But you are added, and looking forward to seeing 140 character updates of the trials and tribulations of writing a new book.

I'm zephyri on there.

Hey - cool - welcome, all, to the party!

Sam Hogg, that IS odd - I wonder - would it work if you added a space? Terrible to think, if I could not be found…internet blips are weird.

Anybody else, let me know if this keeps happening.

originally posted by Trys

Janny, you can be found by searching for 'Janny Wurts' so no problem there.

originally posted by Konran

:D! Definitely following! I'm GoddessChaos.

originally posted by plutoplex

I'm following! Joined Twitter for it especially.