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Apologies first of all if I've put this thread in the wrong area. Second Janny your books are fantastic and I can't wait for the next. :smiley: Thirdly and the point to this thread. I'm currently in Russia for the month studying at University and, I read on your giant booklist that the Cycle of Fire trilogy was available in a Russian translation. I was just wondering if they were still available. Reading books that I know I love in the original seemed one of the best ways of learning more vocab. and having fun at the same time.
Many thanks, much love and many hugs directed at you. :smiley:

Hi Aria -

Cycle of Fire and also Curse of the Mistwraith have been translated and published in Russian.

The publisher is EKSMO. The releases are pretty recent, Curse being within the current year. I can hope they are easy to find…

They have Ships under contract as well…though to my knowledge that one may not be out yet. (I have no copy in hand)

They have made very nice, neat little hardbound books with my art, and some stone borders that are quite attractive. I'd sure love to know your opinion on the quality of the translation!

originally posted by Aria

Thank you! Sorry for not replying sooner my net access in Russia was patchy so I'm now back home again. I managed to find the Cycle of Fire books although not Curse of the Mistwraith which was a shame. But as for Ships… they've published it, I managed to find it in one of the book shops and did buy it so it's definitely published. Although it maybe that it's only just been released, they still should have posted you a copy.
Even so the cover's are beautiful and now in the case of Ships I can finally say I have the artwork used on the US covers. :smiley:

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Aria - nice to know you found the books. I did receive copies of Ships the other day - although they did "flip" the painting for that one right to left…so it's my art, but "backwards."

In Russian, so to speak.