Traitor's Knot: title meaning (post reading)

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Hello Everyone,
(A 'post reading' post, hence possible

'Tis my first post and I thought this aught to be a thread of its own: to what does the title "Traitor's Knot" refer?
Well, firstly I'd like to think it does not refer to a single traitor or their own knot - an open or ambiguous title.
In this earlier thread:
(which jumped from topic to topic), Elaine Thompson was the first to post my favoured link with the title, namely that it refers to Alestron and the s'Brydion. Also, for me, due to them being "Traitors Not". Alestron's vaunted might is to be sorely tested, as we 'could' guess from the title of the next book "Stormed Fortress"… So, is it open to further suggestion?

And, dear Janny, thank you for all of your books, not least this latest one. *bow*


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I would have thought that the primary meaning of the title referred to the bind that Davien's refusal to take an active part in opposing the necromancers caused for Arithon - though as you say it's always good for a title to have echoes relevant to many strands.

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I thought the title refered to the actions that Davien took to bring down the Kings and also to the fact that he now refuses to help the F6, even though they are in such a bind. Then there is Sulfin Evend, whose sworn oath to the land might put him at odds with Lysaer in the future, of which Sulfin is very much aware. A few of the titles seem to be multi-meaningful, which I enjoy very much

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I think all of the titles have had multiple meanings. :smiley:

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Hi Trys
I've been thinking about alternate meanings for all the titles and I think I need some help with some of them - I'd really like your input. Or anyone else could jump in too. I thought of 2 meanings for CotM - the actual curse on the brothers and the lack of sunlight on Athera for so long. But Ships of Merior seems pretty much to mean the ships of Merior and I can't think of a multiple meaning for Warhost of Vastmark either. Arithon seems to me to be the only fugitive prince in Fugitive Prince, so I thought that was straightforward too. As I seem to be missing something here, I'm now wondering what else I'm missing! Help, please!

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You may be right about Ships and Warhost, but as to Fugitive Prince I think that Lysaer could be viewed as being a fugitive prince as well. Fugitive from his own mind and justice.