Traitor's Knot -- Mass market paperback available?

originally posted by Gary Greenwald

Can anyone tell me if a Traitor's Knot mass market paperback edition (~4 in. x ~6 in.) is available yet? I saw on Amazon that a trade paperback edition (~6in. x ~8in.) was.

Hi Gary –

The only mass market paperback edition under contract is available from Great Britain - go to - it should ship right out.

originally posted by Gary Greenwald


Thank you for the reply. I really enjoy your books.

Not to probe too much, are there any forseeable plans for a US mass-market?

Gary -

Not at the moment.

Meisha Merlin doesn't do them.
The high quality of their books makes the notion of returns – by which the books are destroyed for a full refund from the publisher – an act of shoot yourself in the foot breed of insanity.

Britain's your best option if you prefer the small format.