Top 5 topics for discussion between Arithon and Davien

originally posted by Hunter

We had a very tantalizingly short meeting between Arithon and Davien to finish off Peril's Gate… including Arithon's great line "You are Davien"…

This got me to thinking - what would the top 5 topics for discussion that Arithon and Davien might discuss over a carafe of fine Carithwyr red?

My list was:

1. Why Davien fomented the rebellion?
2. How did Davien regain corporeal status, or just what status he is and how would/could Arithon (or indeed Luhaine/Kharadmon achieve it). (This mightn't seem an important topic but I think Arithon's mage trained nature would compel him to find this out - and it would be rather useful for him to escape Lysaer!)
3. The nature of the Mearth curse (why 500 years?)
4. Where are the Paravians
5. Oh, and probably something about the nature of the Mistwraith and how it was battled, how it might be defeated and what to do with those at Rockfell?

Any prepared to wager that Arithon **wont'** learn about the Crown Jewels?

originally posted by Stefan Urlus

1. would have to be the same as Hunter's question - it is the burning issue, closely followed by
2. Also the same as Hunter's (is this my list or his?)
3. Third would be if Davien - well acknowledged as the most ingenious of the Seven - could figure out a way to remove the CotM
4. Fourth a way to meld the powers of the Seven and the empathy of a masterbard to disperse/redeem the wraiths within the mist - and hence the free wraiths
5. Where the hell are the Paravians and/or can you find them?

originally posted by Cheryl

1) How to get Lysaer off my back
2) Where are the Paravians and will they return
3) Can we get Lirenda to work on our side
4) Elaira is one hot babe lol little humor
5) How do we beat the mistwraith and how did it come to be. Mostly the same as the questions above.

originally posted by Artemis

1. are we there yet?
2. what's for tea?
3. where's the remote?
4. is it raining?
5. are we there yet?

originally posted by Blue

Hey, Artemis, don't forget, "Isn't it your turn to feed the cats?"

originally posted by George

Blue , how about:

"Did i remember to turn off the oven?"
"It's your turn to do the dishes"
"YOU make the bed"!

Just a few…

originally posted by Jay_Jay

Where the crown jewels are concerned, I think Arithon now has the ability to figure THAT one out for himself! He's grown a lot in his powers since the day he sold a crown jewel in exchange for a horse, during his flight from Ettara.

originally posted by Cheryl

Artemis I thought about you today while reading Trickster by Stephen Harper. One of his moon's is called Artemis made me think of you. grin