To Ride Hell's Chasm book discussion in Sept

To Ride Hell's Chasm won a very tight race to become the Book of the Month for September's discussion in r/fantasy's group on GOOD READS.

The discussion will happen in the GoodReads group, starting in Sept.

The announcement and commentary on the poll and readers checking in is in the reddit forum: _ride_hells_chasm/

This is fabulous news and I hope some of you may want to join in! This is a superb chance for outreach to new readers, many of whom may never have tried my work at all. Hope to see some of you there.

originally posted by John Hulet

That's very exciting. I love that book and it's such a natural start to acquire a lingering taste for your writing.

The discussion for To Ride Hell's Chasm kicks off today, your comment and enthusiasm in this thread will definitely spur new readers - come join the party of you love the book!

They are now discussing up to the half point (chapter 20) if anyone wants to join in.

The discussion thread for the completed book is now open, if you want to weigh in, it really counts! If people who were on the fence about a title to start out see a lively discussion/lots of contributors, it can really boost the book's visibility.

And Hell's Chasm has so many themes to discuss, with new readers just having finished.