Timelines for the first three volumes

Now that writing/editing/publishing Song of the Mysteries is no longer taking up all of your time, would it be possible to get info on when the months/seasons change in Curse of the Mistwraith, Ships of Merior, and Warhost of Vastmark? The Paravia wiki has some timeline info in the quick references for those books already, but it feels like some of the month/season changes are missing, and it would be helpful for the sake of future reference and to incorporate into the wiki as well.

For Curse, the wiki has the book starting in Summer 5637, then we have Autumn 5637 as of Chapter 4 Main, Late Winter 5638 as of Chapter 11 Main, Spring 5638 as of Chapter Set 14 Main, and Summer 5638 as of Chapter Set 17 Main. Do any chapters/subchchapters take place in Early/Late Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, or on any of the Equinoxes/Solstices? I think I remember reading from you somewhere that the battle against the Mistwraith started on Winter Solstice 5637-5638?

For Ships of Merior, the wiki lists Late Spring, Summer, Fall, and Late Autumn 5644 for all of Chapter Set 1, then Spring 5645 as of Chapter Set 4 Main, Summer 5645 as of Chapter Set 5 Main, Autumn 5645 as of Chapter Set 10 Main, Late Winter 5646 as of Chapter Set 10 Subchapter “Shakedown”, Spring 5646 as of Chapter Set 11 Subchapter “Rendezvous”, Summer 5646 as of Chapter Set 12 Subchapter “Beacon”, and Autumn 5645 as of Chapter Set 12 Subchapter “Healing”. Similar question as with Curse, are there any month/season transitions in Ships of Merior that the wiki doesn’t have listed yet?

For Warhost of Vastmark, the wiki has Autumn 5646 for Chapter Set 1 Main, Late Winter 5647 for Chapter Set 2 Main, Spring 5647 for Chapter Set 4 Subchapter “Springtide”, Summer 5647 for Chapter Set 6 Main, and Autumn 5647 as of Chapter Set 7 Subchapter “Strike at the Havens”. Similar questions to Curse and Ships, are there any month/season changes that aren’t documented on the wiki just yet?

Sorry for all of the questions!

I based the seasonal markers in the Wiki on any occurrence of the names of the seasons within the prose.

I believe that Janny has always wanted to add seasons / years to the beginning of each chapter and subchapter so the early books are consistent with the later books. However, this is not likely to happen until a reprint or special edition is in the works.

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Gotcha Brian, ty!