Thoughts on the mistwraith

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These thoughts really only crystallised tonight while on my first reread. Why, if the Mistwraith was so nastily evil, did it only block out the sunlight? (I haven't forgotten that the wraiths were bound into the mist, but it was able to attack Traithe when it came through the gate and obviously fought off paravians and high kings.)


What are the chances that necromancy (which has probably been lurking on Athera for yonks) has been subborned by the wraiths and become even more noxious and all encompassing than it originally was?

How did the wraiths on Marak become wraiths? Weren't they humans who went through the gate because they weren't able to live by the compact? What caused them to turn into wraiths with this ever present hunger to destroy, to prevent light, and consume? We see in TK that the power of the necromancers increases when sunset occurs. Why? Is this linked to the lack of the sunlight caused by the mistwraith?

I know these are mega quantities of questions, but they occurred to me during the descriptions of nasty necromancy in TK.

Let me know if you think I'm way off track here people!!!


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The wraiths became wraiths due to an experiment gone horribly wrong. On Marak, scientists tried to combine spirit and machine (I think). The spirits were contained in some kind of mist or fog. The spirits were locked to this mist or whatever, and unable to cross over, unable to truly die. Sort of like the spirits of the people the necromancers sacrificed, except the nature of the wraiths seems to be a lot different.

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No spoilers:

If the mistwraith subsumes all that it kills, how many past high kings are now wraiths?

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