This thread - anybody with a reddit account have a moment?

Folks: the book is getting slammed in this thread and it could really use some folks who get it to post.

If you have a reddit account, or are a member of the r/fantasy forum, and you have a moment to comment, it could help a lot, particularly since it's not been getting good press, either, in the stickied thread for the monthly book discussion.


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Done :smiley:

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I tried, but I am not really good with words. Here is the link if anyone else would like to comment. _mistwraith/

PLEASE be sure that you already have an existing account with a comment record; if you only join with a post for this, it will be noticed and counted as SPAM. I am hoping for balanced representation (lovers and not, equal say), the last thing I want to do is 'game' the system.

I appreciate everyone who's posted and who follows this forum - if you aren't yet a member, check it out, it's well moderated and friendly. I will have an AMA there, upcoming, on November 7th, and attendance at that event would be a great time to start in, if you haven't.

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i posted as well. hope it helps

Help, again, people who may have an account at r/fantasy. the_mistwraith_but/?st=j8zwwhr4&sh=92c458b6

The book could use a response from someone who knows the series AND who knows the other titles of mine are much simpler. Hate to ask, but a few days ago, someone asked a question about the book again, and it received NO ANSWERS.

Mark did respond; he did read the book - but if you read his review, it's very quickly apparent that a LOT of stuff was disregarded (strikingly one: that Arithon's sword 'did nothing'/never was used for its power. Um…???

Help out if you can; this forum has a lot of young readers or readers who are looking for instant gratification, so it really helps to have views that will draw in the other sort - who are truly looking for depth.

If you can help out to turn off the hatefest and give it a balanced selection - Thanks.

You are all heroes, thank you for giving that thread some perspective! I don't mind folks not liking the books - it's only terrible press when it's a one sided viewpoint.

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Keep us posted if any more fires need dampening. I appreciate you drawing me to this forum since it's been handy in my own newbie authoring career. So I'm happy to help!

There are new threads every single day - the subscription to that forum is over 200,000 - and the turnover of subjects is extremely fast.

There are folks in there talking about books, asking for books by subject, discussing books by subject or angle of philosophy. If you have anything to contribute, do it - because the more you post, the more your opinion will be respected.

A lot of recommendations center around the same, roughly, ten authors - so listing other titles is actually desired, as long as they fit the topic.

Fabulous place to gain outreach, find other books you want to read, and I will say: your posted opinion on any book you honestly love absolutely does make a difference. Books by women need a lot more mention there - since so often their titles don't get the big backing. You can also make use of the sidebar menus: thsy show (by vote) what titles the forum likes best - they have a favorites list and an 'underrated' favorites list, so it can be a nice resource to find your next read.

A quick pass through there, lurking, once daily, will quickly show you what the place is all about. The Mods are diligent, they kick out trolls or posts that are viciously personal - so it does not share the ugly reputation found elsewhere on reddit. AND - a lot of your favorite authors do AMAs there, post, and show up. That is rare on the internet, such a friendly community from all walks.

I've an AMA coming up on Nov 7th, and another for writing advice on Nov 20th; so mull over some questions, newcomers are welcome AND - whatever you ask WILL be widely read by many, many others - so you can even just drop in to say what you like. Probably 20,000 people will read that AMA in a morning, if it is active/and far more if it is upvoted and stays high on the page. I try to pay forward to readers and authors as much as I can - give more than I get, wherever possible. So don't be shy!

Today there is a thread on folks' favorite magic systems, found in books - and the 'same old same old' titles, mostly are being mentioned. A LOT of these readers have only read between 2-10 fantasies in their lives, so a reader with wider experience can open doors for them, breaking the echo chamber.

So hop in, get a feel for the community, and participate if you are a fantasy book enthusiast, and so inclined.

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I really like the fantasy and fantasywriters sections and have been participating as time permits. I'm seriously considering writing for that zombie contest.

I'm not surprised to see Sanderson and Weeks mentioned, because they are recent and, lets face it, Sanderson is superhuman at coming out with books that have vastly different magic systems. He's my current idol and whenever I'm writing and thinking over a problem, I ask myself, "What would Brandon do?"

I just added my thoughts on Zelazny, an oldie but a goodie. His books are so old most aren't in ebook form. That should give them something to chew on!

I would have added something about your series, but to my embarrassment, I realized it's so nuanced and complex, I didn't know where to start. o.O

Well, you know, saying just that would give readers who never heard of the series/have not tried it some idea. They say it takes multiple mentions for a person to recognize a name or title, and have it register in consciousness.

Review thread went up on r/fantasy for Destiny's Conflict, today (it's a nonspoiling review). Anyone who's read Destiny's Conflict who has an account at that forum: there's a question from a reader dangling, unanswered: